Harry Permezel Shares ‘Wax Man’ Album Stream With PopMatters | Album Out Now Via Muscle Beach Records

Harry Permezel Shares ‘Wax Man’ Album Stream With PopMatters | Album Out Now Via Muscle Beach Records



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LISTEN: Harry Permezel – “Same Old Black” Track

“smooth, unassuming indie rock” – All Things Go

LISTEN: Harry Permezel – “Wax Man” Video

“a hazy wash of gentle guitar strumming and fuzzy, lo-fi vocals, punctuated by occasional abstract synthesizer flourishes.” – Culture Collide

Melbourne-based artist Harry Permezel shares the stream for his new album, Wax Man, with PopMatters. They praised the album by saying, “the record also revels in its delightful weirdness, its way of rendering seemingly common emotions strange and making the strange more familiar. There are anxieties about the unknowns of the future, isolation among the masses and finding hope even in the darkest moments.” The album is out everywhere today via Muscle Beach Records.
Wax Man, the sophomore album from Melbourne, Australia native Harry Permezel, is an intimate reflection of a twenty-something’s formative era of self discovery. The ten tracks flutter from introspective observance to guided narration on the forming and failing of relationships, uncertainties of the future, suburban isolation, and a hopeful foresight. The warm production of the record allows these themes to become illuminated with haunting harmonies, head-bobbing hooks, clockwork percussion, sporadic flecks of synthesizer, and crooning ruminations.

LISTEN: Harry Permezel – “Bonehead” Track

“a sombre yet poetic offering that beams brightly with a witty, observant songwriting eye.” – Clash


Learning guitar at a young age and have being influenced by his older brother, Permezel began to develop his sound at his parents’ house in suburban Melbourne. After unearthing a set of his dad’s old speakers in the garage, Permezel began to slowly build a home studio, where he would repeatedly find himself after long, hazy nights in the city with his friends. This home studio is where he eventually recorded and produced his self-titled debut, which was released in 2016 on the Oxford, MS based label Muscle Beach Records. Over the next two years, Harry and Muscle Beach kept in close contact, building a tight friendship and creative bond – a unique and deeply personal relationship between label and artist.

Wax Man is the result of incredible determination, self assurance, a deep knowledge of solitude, and a true appreciation of company. This meditation on loneliness, lessons learned, and optimism lingers long with the listener.


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01. Of New Errors
02. I Know You
03. Wax Man
04. Sunshine
05. Thistledown
06. Bonehead
07. Company
08. A Sun Rises Every Day
09. Turn Their Faces White
10. Same Old Black

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Harry Permezel Shares ‘Wax Man’ Album Stream With PopMatters | Album Out Now Via Muscle Beach Records