Atlanta Pop-Punks LOOK ALIVE Head To Studio

Atlanta Pop-Punks LOOK ALIVE Head To Studio

Enter Studio Next Week to Record Mistakes & Milestones EP, Due Out July 2, 2013 on Autumn + Colour Records

Atlanta-based pop punks Look Alive will be recording their debut ‘Mistakes & Milestones’ EP from April 13-28 at Spotlight Sound Studio in Atlanta. Additional album details below:


About Look Alive (if need be):


The members of Look Alive have all played in different bands over the last 10+ years. Hell, some of them are even in multiple bands now — that’s kind of how it goes for musicians. They all share that one common thing: the itch to play music. So here they are, another band, another line-up and another chance to fulfil that itch.


In a creative world where everyone seems to have a new band or project, artists must bring something fresh to cut through the clutter. Look Alive does just that by delivering a melodic approach with an aggressive tempo, propped up with timely lyrics and growling vocals that are sure to make any music lover take notice. Coming together in August of 2012, the band was fairly new when an old hat on the Atlanta music scene, Travis Groo, heard the recent incarnation. He moved quickly and inked the guys to a deal with newly minted Autumn + Colour Records.


The group is doing their part to help raise pop-punk from the grave with their energetic performances and straight-to-the-point lyrics. They are no strangers to hard work and sacrifice. From sleeping on floors, touring the states and eating Ramen noodles night after night — this life has given them a genuine approach to their music and song writing. Their previous work has set the stage for something great, and they welcome the future with a beer in hand. Sharing this experience with friends, fans and family will always be the motivating factor for keeping the band alive.




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Atlanta Pop-Punks LOOK ALIVE Head To Studio