Hear BAIT’s ‘Push The Elephant’

Hear BAIT’s ‘Push The Elephant’

“ … the static hum of an itching brain broods and snarls over visceral post punk riffs and battering hypnotic rhythm …

‘PUSH THE ELEPHANT’ released via Cool Thing Records on 24th February 2017

The elephant in the room. In the car. In the studio.

‘Skeletal post punk against hypnotic beats’ – Clash magazine

‘A claustrophobic, driving rager that hits like a jackhammer’ – Dork Magazine


Every which way the artist turns, there is a damned pachyderm-sized obstacle in front of them that requires shoving out of the way.

And then there is BAIT… BAIT is the dung beetle pushing the elephant deposits across the desert, like Sisyphus with an exoskeleton.

An insistent hybrid of wonky electronics and angular post-punk that tips the hat to Killing Joke, Death in Vegas, and The Fall, “Push The Elephant” is the debut single from the anonymous audio/visual artist known as BAIT.

BAIT is the sound of industrial machines playing ping-pong in the back of a stolen XR3i tearing down the Autobahn. BAIT is the sound of surfing into a concrete wall, to the soundtrack of the monotonous bip of the U Boat radar.

BAIT’s forthcoming self-titled album that has birthed “Push The Elephant” features a host of musicians rooted in Southend’s emerging Cool Thing Records music scene, responsible for spawning BBC 6 Music and Radio X favourites Asylums. BAIT’s track “I’m Still Here” featured as part of December 2016’s “Alternative Occupations” EP released on Cool Thing Records. It received rave reviews, and multiple plays from John Kennedy at Radio X.

N.B. All elephants mentioned are figurative. No elephants were pushed in the making of this record. The value of your elephant can go down as well as up. If you have been affected by any of the issues raised in this record, please telephone the BAIT hotline quoting “ELEPHANT”.



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Hear BAIT’s ‘Push The Elephant’