Heather O’Neill – Lady Blue / Transmute

Heather O’Neill – Lady Blue / Transmute

Born in Ireland, singer-songwriter Heather O’Neill was raised in the suburbs of Chicago, while subsequently staying in 18 other locations before she turned 30. This multi-cultural experience has shaped O’Neill’s songwriting abilities as she isn’t afraid to capture the scope that her niche-loving followers are so enamored over.

Her music, while often being bittersweet, dark, and controversial, follows through with emotional prowess. It seems like the rock world has long awaited for such a fearless performer.

O’Neill’s latest offerings are two singles, entitled, “Lady Blue” and “Transmute” that does its best to live up to the performer’s reputation for releasing material that is not of the ordinary.

On “Lady Blue,” the folk singer-songwriter starts off with sparse arrangements with simply the acoustic guitar and O’Neill’s vocals. The emotional gamut of the track gives off a cathartic release. The engrossing, dynamic cadence sounds off with deft finger-work on the acoustic guitar. O’Neill’s vocals really conjures up a mystical experience, resonating with the realm of the mystic and magical. The stripped down performance is metaphorically about the contradictoriness of the matters of the heart.

“Transmute” is a stellar rocking song with traces of the electric guitar, bass, and drums, intermingled with O’Neill’s voice sounding off in an ethereal and soaring matter. The dreamy track pervades with a haunting melody filled with a funky and groovy twist.

Heather O’Neill’s two latest singles are unique and noteworthy, fulfilling the emotional gamut much needed in excess in music today.

O’Neill embraces her authenticity as a solidly talented artist, creating an eye-opening experience with her latest offerings.

Her music is original and honest without the superficial trappings prevalent in pop music nowadays. 7.8/10

My Nguyen

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Heather O’Neill – Lady Blue / Transmute