HEDGE FUND "What You’re Hiding" tour starts this weekend!

HEDGE FUND "What You’re Hiding" tour starts this weekend!





“The whole post-punk vibe of this track works for me. The guitars are especially ominous.” – Richard Kingsmill, Triple J

“what the actual f**k” – Pedestrian

“pulsing, dreamy, synth pop” – Pedestrian

“These guys have nailed down a level of polish and clarity and direction” – Tonedeaf

“synthy post punk vibes” – The Music

“jam packed with brooding swagger” The AU Review
“your new favourite band” – Howl and Echoes


June 24th – Mynt Lounge, Werribee VIC
June 25th – Yah Yah’s, Melbourne VIC
July 7th – Rad Bar, Wollongong NSW
July 8th – Waywards, Newtown NSW
July 29th – The Brightside, Brisbane QLD
Tickets available from venues.

Coming off the back of recent singles Summer’s Getting Shorter (which clocked up 17,000 listens on Soundcloud and gained media attention for its flamboyant and oddly disturbing, yet mesmerizing film clip), Look Who’s Back (with charted at #2 on the AMRAP charts), and Boyfriend (which featured Friendly Jordies in the film clip) – Hedge Fund have been played on Triple J and community radio nationally, have been covered by local and international online outfits, have supported British India and Dappled Cities, and have toured the East Coast and NSW extensively.
Born in Sydney but raised in London, singer William Colvin’s songwriting is thoroughly inspired by the personalities of both cities. While the five members of Hedge Fund firmly identify as a ‘Bondi Band’, anunmistakably British sound seeps in through the music.
As well as being the principle songwriter of the band, Will directs all of Hedge Fund’s video clips; his unsettling sense of humour and technical skill has given the band a stunning presence on film to critical acclaim – his painstakingly hand-drawn animation for Object of My Affection was nominated for the Berlin Music Video Awards and is currently nominated for best animation at the 2016 Sydney Vivid Clipped Music Video Festival. And whether he’s running naked on a treadmill in ‘Look Who’s Back’ or riding a giant white fiberglass penis in ‘Chocolate, Will’s certainly not afraid to push the boundaries as a performer.
Not to mention every member of the band – bass player Nick Weaver (Deep Sea Arcade, Tambourine Girls), Guitarist Mislav Belobrajdic, Keyboardist Katie Green (Will’s Fiancé), and drummer Lozz Benson are tight as friends and colleagues – and it shows in every second of the song.
There’s plenty of reasons why Hedge Fund are a band worth talking about, but it’s what keeps fans sticking around which proves to be most impressive. With a sound that walks a line between dreamy prog-pop and muscular post-rock grooves, the band takes cues from darker new-wave influences such as The Cure, Talking Heads and New Order. The result is a sound that is as haunting as it is energetic, and uniquely their own.

On the song: What You’re Hiding is probably one of our meanest songs – it came from stress and conflict and it definitely has the sarcastic, aggressive tone of a come-back insult. It’s the second side of an argument and it’s really about trying to break someone down by exposing the truth of their character.

As a performer, the ambiguity gives me a lot more space to play with the character – depending on the mood and who’s in the crowd, it can be played as a moment of triumphant, dominant victory or as a slithering introspection.” Will Colvin (Vocals)

On the video: “The main goal of pretty much all of my work as a film-maker is to make work that is offensive or disturbing in ways that aren’t immediately obvious, and the video for What You’re Hiding is, I think, my favourite execution of that idea to date.

The basic idea that Constantine (the clip’s co-director) and I had for this video was to make a film that at first glance looks like something half between a music video and a clothes commercial, and then to twist it into something slightly more deranged.
Once that concept is established, once the audience is hopefully getting comfortable with it, we start to very deliberately kind of demolish it, with this kind of glitching, reality-breaking editing, and with a very aggressive, or maybe you could call it passive-aggressive, performance from myself.
We tried as hard as we could to dismantle any underlying logic at any point in the video’s construction that it seemed to become apparent.” – Will Colvin (Vocals / Director)

“What You’re Hiding”

Play Length: 00:03:43
Genre: Indie/electro
Hometown: Bondi, Australia
Touring: JUN/JUL 2016
Youtube: Click Here

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HEDGE FUND "What You’re Hiding" tour starts this weekend!