HELIGOLAND digital ep (Talk Talk’s Tim Friese-Green) out digitally

HELIGOLAND digital ep (Talk Talk’s Tim Friese-Green) out digitally

Heligoland releases new EP ‘One Girl Among Many’

released: digitally 27 December 2014

physically (12” vinyl) 2 March 2015

on Calcium Chloride



Most music fans will be aware of the four albums Tim Friese-Greene made with Talk Talk between 1983 and 1991; the last two in particular often being quoted by contemporary musicians as being pivotal in formulating their own artistic direction. However, Tim abruptly announced his withdrawal from any future Talk Talk albums in 1992, and after a couple of years stopped producing altogether in order to pursue a series of grubby lo-fi solo albums, usually released under the name of Heligoland.

The forthcoming ‘One Girl Among Many’ EP (CaCl 006EP) is pretty much the final offering from this project, to be released as a download on 27th December from his Heligoland site, and as 12” vinyl on 2 March 2015

Originally intended to be a full-length album, but abandoned due to Tim’s increasing problems with tinnitus, it features the trademark Heligoland mélange of distortion, unexpected harmonic shifts, and vocals veering from croon to spit.

The track ‘One Girl Among Many’ represents something of a stylistic departure for Heligoland, fringing several sub-genres of dance music. “There were two strands that came together in a moment of serendipity” says Tim, “Firstly, it had become an ambition of mine to see my partner dancing to a song that I had written, after years of watching her dancing to other people’s. Then coincidentally someone put me on to the Kaoss Pad sequencer app for iPad, which I immediately saw could introduce what were for me crucial elements like randomness, chance and human error into the process of making a dance track”.

‘One Girl’ occupies one side of the vinyl running at 45rpm, while the other three tracks take up the other running at 33. They show something of a return to keyboards, specifically Hammond organ, after a decade of guitar-centric recordings. “I couldn’t find anything left to do with a guitar” admits Tim, “but I thought there was some mileage left for Hammond as used in a Latin context; samba, merengue, bachata, that sort of thing. I don’t think it has been sufficiently explored in the past”.

There will be a final 7″ release in the summer.

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HELIGOLAND digital ep (Talk Talk’s Tim Friese-Green) out digitally