High Waisted’s Debut "On Ludlow" Out NOW, Say Goodbye to Winter Blues

High Waisted’s Debut "On Ludlow" Out NOW, Say Goodbye to Winter Blues

High Waisted’s New Album “On Ludlow”

is out NOW

“Each of these 12 tracks is a party unto itself, complete with scuzzy bass, bright vocal harmonies, and enough reverb to fill a decently sized punch bowl.” Consequence of Sound

“The band’s mastery of 50s era vocals and classic surf guitar will have you dancing in your chair while considering buying tickets to Hawaii.”Noisey

“Frontwoman Jess Dye and the band are also noted for bringing the lower Manhattan lifestyle to full fruition on stage and in their videos. – Impose

[Lead singer Jessica Louise] Dye sings with an easiness that disguises how technically demanding the parts are. Translation: girl can sing, and she does.”Brooklyn Vegan

“High Waisted is primed and ready to take on the world, one surf anthem at a time.” –Paste

“Somehow, they’ve managed to balance organic, unfiltered energy with the finesse necessary to craft lush and dreamy soundscapes that make you want to both chill and get up to dance and freak out – which is quite a feat.”Alt Citizen
New York, NY, March 4, 2016—The day has finally come—NYC’s own High Waisted has dropped their debut LP On Ludlow. To cure our winter blues, the band has brought us the taste of summertime and sunshine that we are all so desperately craving. Their traction in the Lower East Side was built using their contagious positivity and always- ready-to-party attitude, as is shown clearly through the lyrics and surf-pop sound of their first full-fledged album.  With lead singer Jessica Louise Dye’s powerful voice and an eclectic mix of party pop and grungy garage- band rock, the group brings empowerment, feminine inspiration, and incredible vitality to all those enjoying their music.
The album is welcomed with open arms and enthusiasm, as is expected after the release of their single “Door” and video for “Party in the Back” were so well received. While the band can bring their infectious upbeat vibe with them wherever they go, as they demonstrated during their Midwestern US tour, they are happy to be back in their favorite city for the self-release of their first album.
Sounds too crazy for your laid back lifestyle? Not to worry—this surf rock band knows when to slow it down, and does so beautifully with radiant melodies and what some would call a daydream-like sound.  High Waisted surely has something for all of your listening needs—wild or tame with a vibe of summery revel in each track.

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High Waisted’s Debut "On Ludlow" Out NOW, Say Goodbye to Winter Blues