PHILIPPE PETIT shares Track from forthcoming Multicoloured Shadows EP

PHILIPPE PETIT shares Track from forthcoming Multicoloured Shadows EP

Format : LP Picture Disc/CD/MP3

Label : Aagoo Records

Release Date : June 1 2015

Territories : Europe

Since he started making his own music Philippe Petit has constantly tried to expand his art, and avoid categorization. From his early days manipulating vinyls and found sounds or field-recordings, he moved on to using piano, organs, vibes, synths, then cymbalum, electric psalterion, guitar, caterpillar drum-guitars built by Yuri Landman, and various other percussive devices…

He released dozens of collaborations and some solo works, none of which resembled the previous one, though forming a sonic choreography using space/time, in a multi-dimensional way, spatializing genres with an electro-acoustic approach while preserving a human touch, mostly due to the use of real « classical » instruments, kazooed voices, and percussions.

Composed in 2014, celebrating 30 years of activism in music, Philippe came with another new approach, twisting into unexpected turns while developing some melodies… Building up a tension in his narratives where “Multicoloured Shadows” of Shoegaze dance with electro-acoustically-psyched-out atmospheres… Mouth-noises going thru Kazoos being treated thru amps and reverbs bringing a melodic human touch that is unique and guarantees that once heard Petit cannot be mistaken with any other.

Philippe Petit – Multicoloured Shadows

1. Yourselfosophy
2. Pyramid of the moon
3. Tidbinbilla Sanctuary pt.1 + pt.2

“Multicoloured Shadows” is powerul and unpredictable while managing to stay oneiric.

The artwork for the album comes from the painter Alec Dartley…

Please come visit his universe:




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PHILIPPE PETIT shares Track from forthcoming Multicoloured Shadows EP