Hilma Nikolaisen (Serena-Maneesh) shares track "Hermitage" from album Puzzler due out on 2 December

Hilma Nikolaisen (Serena-Maneesh) shares track "Hermitage" from album Puzzler due out on 2 December

Hilma Nikolaisen

Shares new single “Hermitage”

Taken from the album Puzzler due out on 2 December via Fysisk Format

Listen to “Hermitage” here



“As the bass player in Serena-Maneesh, Nikolaisen is not stranger to walls of dreamy distortion and layered drone, but her solo debut follows a more easy-swinging melodic path, strewn with hooks. Nikolaisen’s alluringly thick, FX-treated vocals are a constant source of intrigue.” – Uncut

Hermitage” is the new single from Norwegian musician Hilma Nikolaisen, whose debut solo album Puzzler is due out on Fysisk Format on 2 December. The track was premiered via God is in the TV, who wrote; “with her solo work she’s creating an evocative blend of psych, noisepop and 60’s melodies all topped off with her vocals, which are reminiscent of Nico.”

Nikolaisen describes the track: “Hermitage is intended to be an honest and uncompromising piece with puzzled undertones. Rigid, repeating groove, simplistic melodic guitars and insisting vocal lines attempt to express defiance and incongruent human survival strategies. Hermitage was mixed in Berlin by Serena-Maneesh colleague, Ådne Meisfjord (120 days/ tropical contact high). In addition to this basic radio edit of the song we made an eight minute album version, for those who may wish for an extended experience of this psychedelic runaway.”

Hilma Nikolaisen is known for her role as bass player in her brother Emil’s internationally acclaimed psychedelic noise­pop outfit Serena­-Maneesh (4AD) – one of the most influential Norwegian bands of the last decade. Not only did she contribute significantly to the expression of Emil’s musical vision, her valkyric stage presence also made her an iconic part of the band’s visual identity.
Hilma Nikolaisen’s sound and lyrics set out to honour and celebrate the diversity and complexity of what it means to be human. In our times, simplicity is put on a pedestal and worshipped, but through her music, Hilma Nikolaisen points out that human nature is intrinsically chaotic and eclectic ­ and should be celebrated as such! The idea of myriads of pieces that come together in a larger, complex puzzle is the unifying theme of the album. Written over a long period of time, the nine tracks of Puzzler reach from classic pop (traditions) on tracks like “Cloud Nine Rewind” and “Home Straight Sorries”, through the soulful funk of “On and On and On”, to a more rough edged post­punk nerve present in the first single “Word”.
All of Hilma’s experience and musical background has gone into this album. An upbringing filled with music and spirituality on the sturdy Norwegian west coast has made its mark in the peculiar melodic modes, her years in punk bands left an urgent pulse, and last but not least, the years in Serena Maneesh have added the high level of ambition and sense of details. All of this gives the album an edge of refinement and chaos all at once, rounded out by a unique, androgynous voice.
Puzzler is recorded together with Mads Johansen at Folkets Hus Lilleaker and Hilma’s brother Emil Nikolaisen at Malabar studio in Oslo. Besides doing the songwriting and arrangements, Hilma has produced the album herself and gathered the long list of great people that has contributed with mixing on the different tracks: Ådne Meisfjord (120 days), Marcus Forsgren (Lionheart Brothers, Bror Forsgren), Jay Andrews, Aaron Lex Leckenby, Nick Terry og Peter Holmström (Dandy Warhols). Contributing musicians on this record are Hilma’s more or less steady band: Egil Arntzen, Andreas Frøland, Kristofer Staxrud and a long list of guests. The cover is photographed by Julia Naglestad, with graphic design by Peder Bernhardt and an excerpt by Vanessa Baird on the innersleeve.

Puzzler is release number 100 on Fysisk Format with catalogue number FY100.

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Hilma Nikolaisen (Serena-Maneesh) shares track "Hermitage" from album Puzzler due out on 2 December