My Hopes Instilled | Debut EP "Dancing In The Crisis" out today!

My Hopes Instilled | Debut EP "Dancing In The Crisis" out today!

Introducing My Hopes Instilled

Debut EP “Dancing In The Crisis” out today!

(alternative rock/emo, IT)

FFO: Our Last Night, Silverstein, Story Of The Year


Italian alternative rock quintet My Hopes Instilled just released their debut EP “Dancing In The Crisis”, the result of an intense work of crafting their own identity from a wide range of influences. Their sound blooms where raw emo roots meet a modern powerful and catchy alternative rock incorporating melodic vocals, heavy guitar riffs and deep lyric themes. The band is ready to push their boundaries and determined to establish a wide fanbase: with lots of energies and passion on board the quintet already has tour projects that include the United Kingdom and Europe (to be announced soon).


1. Through Emptiness
2. Dancing In The Crisis
3. Sitting On The Roof
4. Lies And Prayers
5. Wiser
6. Green Leaves


Along with the EP release, My Hopes Instilled also released a brand new music video for the eponymous single “Dancing In The Crisis” that obtained a positive feedback from an underground scene that is starting to appreciate these Italian newcomers more and more.

Music video for “Dancing In The Crisis” released on May 29th.

My Hopes Instilled are
Andrea Burelli : lead vocals
Pietro Colausig: lead guitar
Christian Garbino: rythm guitar
Francesco Corsi: bass, backing vocals
Gabriele Mancini: drums

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My Hopes Instilled | Debut EP "Dancing In The Crisis" out today!