Icelandic newcomer Soffía Björg shares new video

Icelandic newcomer Soffía Björg shares new video

With supported from Stereogum, Consequence Of Sound, The Line Of Best Fit and others, ‘The Road’ is the new single from Icelandic songstress Soffía Björg   Broodingly dramatic indie-rock that channels the likes of Angel Olsen and PJ Harvey, you can listen to ‘The Road’ below.


Soffía Björg ’The Road’

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  • Stereogum – “new single “The Road” is a paragon of her ability to translate feeling and mood with raw, penetrating lyrics subtly cutting through layers of shimmering and twangy guitars, seductive bass, and low-key drums”
  • Consequence Of Sound – “a single that fuses folk’s tenderness with the twitchy and angular dynamics of art-rock
  • The Line Of Best Fit – “a bold and bright introduction to the world of the young Björg where we find her equally pleading and fuck-you-ing in the lyrics”
  • Indie Shuffle –This badass song is full of a whole lotta attitude, and you’ll dig it from the moment you press play
  • Crack In The Road – “Whilst the track itself feels rooted amongst folk music, there’s an almost Angel Olsen-esque quality to the energy injected into it, making for a far more rousing spectacle”

Icelandic songstress Soffía Björg follows up her debut single, ‘I Lie’ with the track ‘The Road’, displaying her emotional versatility.

While her opening gambit was cut-throat in it’s energy, a no holds barred plea where Soffía bravely showed her teeth, she heads inwards on the appropriately titled ‘The Road’, a slow burning, widescreen Americana number with a tingling undercurrent that grows steadily as the song progresses.

‘The Road’ is a succinct metaphor for the uncertainties we all face in life, Soffía’s voice pleads and questions as the road is ‘too long’ and she’s not sure if she will ‘make it through the day’.

These tangled up emotions are neatly underlined with a dramatic video where Soffía drives that very road, solemnly, with a shadow bound, eerie and melancholic landscape in the backdrop, a scenery that her native Iceland provides. Soffía Björg hails from the rural areas of the country, a fact that infuses her music as it inherits the same traits, and on ‘The Road’ that ethereal heart tugging beauty comes to the fore.

The video is directed by Melvin Krane & Associates.

‘The Road’ is the second single from Soffía’s forthcoming Ben Hillier (Blur, Elbow, Doves, Nadine Shah) produced debut album to be released in 2017.


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Icelandic newcomer Soffía Björg shares new video