ICYMI: Ghost King Stream When the Sky Turns Blue

ICYMI: Ghost King Stream When the Sky Turns Blue

Ghost King- Bones 1 & 2 (Bronx, NY; Rock)

Bones 1 & 2 is the latest track from Bronx, NY-based foursome Ghost King, a semi-psychedelic story about losing the one you love and the bones that are left behind.

Stream single below

On “Bones 1 & 2,” Ghost King throws a rope up from the rabbit hole, inviting you to slip down into their dark psychedelic world. McNeil sets up the tension line that the band pivots off of with a world-weary vocal take that gives way to bursts of glorious, kaleidoscopic sound. At times, the guitar work and ethereal elements on “Bones 1 & 2″ switch from regal/classic British-psych chord chopping to downright sinister, enveloping fuzz meltdowns.

Ghost King is a Bronx-based foursome that have been banging out rock and roll in the basement since they were eight years old. The band was formed after Carter McNeil (vocals/guitar) finished touring/playing drums with Spires. Inspired by his experiences on the road, McNeil decided to form his own band and reconnected with long time childhood friends Tom D’Augustino (drums), Lee Hayden (bass), and Andrew Wolfson (guitar/synth; post-album) to help shape his vision.

Their debut album, BONES, was recorded live in 3 days and finds McNeil and company blending Spires-esque pop psychedelia with gravelly grunge vocals and garage rock swells.

Pre-Order — out 4/1

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ICYMI: Ghost King Stream When the Sky Turns Blue