ICYMI: Nena & Dave Stewart Release New Single ‘Be My Rebel’ + Reveal Music Video

ICYMI: Nena & Dave Stewart Release New Single ‘Be My Rebel’ + Reveal Music Video

ICYMI: Nena & Dave Stewart Release New Single ‘Be My Rebel’ + Reveal Music Video

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“one of the absolute highlights of my life as a musician so far” – Nena on collaborating with Dave Stewart

Today marks the release of the brand new single ‘Be My Rebel’ from Gabriele Susanne Kerner, AKA Nena and Dave Stewart.

‘Be My Rebel’ is available for download and streaming through BMG. Click HERE for all options.

Nena recently celebrated 40 years in the world of pop. Internationally renowned for her mega-hit ‘99 Red Balloons’ which conquered the charts around the world between 1983 and 1984, was number one in 15 countries, and sold in excess of 3million copies. Having sold upwards of 25 million records to date, Nena has gone on to be one of the biggest recording artists of all time in her native Germany.

Meanwhile in Dave Stewart’s house sometime in 2017….

Nena performed a concert in L.A. for Dave Stewart, who has been wanting to meet Nena for a long time. Following the performance, the two arranged a songwriting session for the very next day. Nena turned up at Dave’s house and made a grand entrance shouting “The Krauts are here!” With Dave thinking Nena said “The crowd is here,” he expected the singer had turned up with “27 relatives.” Actually, only five of her “crowd” were relatives: her children and husband, and the rest were The Krauts. First on the agenda was to give them a tour of the house. But, with the number of people, the writing sessions needed to take first priority, so Dave asked all The Krauts, except Nena, to wait at the “nice little café around the corner.”

Meanwhile, still in Dave Stewart’s house….

Yearlong stories were shortened to minutes. That’s how quickly Nena and Dave shared their stories and memories. They understood each other as if they experienced everything themselves instead of hearing it for the first time. Or like Dave said: “Nena is one of the people you like instantly.” And Nena: “I was so excited to finally meet Dave – during this time we laughed the entire time!”

The connection between the two was immediate – and the most important factor for both was humor. They found themselves laughing over multiple topics: success, ups/downs, bonds, splits, drama, luck, and of course: rebellion. Rebellion against the expectations. To rebel for oneself. “Rebel,” yes, that sounds similar. And… wait a minute… that has a ring to it. That’s it: Be my Rebel!

From now on there is rebellion in the air and it burns. The lyrics begin to flow, Dave’s guitar roared, Nena’s voice and energy boomed through the recording studio. It’s the perfect mix if you have fun-loving rock Rebels. Nena: “To write ‘Be My Rebel’ with Dave Steward in his living-room, is one of the highlights of my entire music career!” But there is also another room included, which will be one of the once-in-a-lifetime-scenes….

And this is how it happened….

Fast forward 8 hours, The Krauts were waiting at the front door of Dave’s house. Suddenly, they were all whisked away…..to the bathroom. The missing piece in the chorus was a choir and the small bathroom was an acoustic-wonder. Who knew? Dave held a microphone in the air, and yelled “sing along” and the entire family-crowd aka the Kraut family eternalized themselves into the song. This is how it can go. And this is how it goes. The Rebel-way.

The end? No!

German TV’s ZDF featured a live performance of Nena and Dave’s ‘Be My Rebel’ as the world premiere in the show “Nichts versaeumt – NENA 40 years on stage,” to celebrate the feeling that the Nena family grew by one member. Afterwards, they both filmed a music video in Hamburg along with the Oscar-nominee and filmmaker Virgil Widrich, who transferred the plot into a mirror world.

We then expect there to be calmness in Dave Stewart’s house. For now.





Watch the video interview with Nena and Dave as premiered today at Billboard.com


‘Be My Rebel’ is available for download and streaming HERE

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ICYMI: Nena & Dave Stewart Release New Single ‘Be My Rebel’ + Reveal Music Video