ILLLS Announce debut EP on The Sounds Of Sweet Nothing

ILLLS Announce debut EP on The Sounds Of Sweet Nothing

Hailing from Oxford, Mississippi, ILLLS are set to release their debut EP ‘Dark Paradise’ June 17th on London’s The Sounds of Sweet Nothing label (Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Gross Magic, Tashaki Miyaki, Au Palais). Oxford, MS might not be known as the epicentre of garage rock but taking their cues from Jay Reatard and Jeremy Jay to The Cure and My Bloody Valentine, like any young band with a welcomed sense of naivety, they dived in headfirst, set about recording over the course of a year, which turned into their debut EP.

“We didn’t know what we were doing, but this is what we made. We play live now and will be this Spring after we release this EP that’s taken so long to create.”

"The video for Teeth was shot in our home town of Oxford, MS.  We rented a camera from the local university and got two of our friends (who have never really worked in film before) to just help us shoot an idea we had.  For the other parts of the video, we really did just walk through a grocery store, bought a bunch of nasty food, cooked it all together and ate it.  There should probably be more of the aftermath of us eating the food in the video because we were gagging and throwing up for about 30 minutes afterwards.  It was disgusting.”  – ILLLS

Making their live debut at the now infamous "Cats Purring Dude Ranch", ILLLS have been well supported by the ever-growing North Mississippi "Infotainment Cult" that is Cats Purring.

Dark Paradise Tracklisting:

1. Bathroom Floor (stream HERE)
2. Teeth
3. Goods
4. Where Will It Grow
5. Streetcars
6. It’s Not Me
7. Kid Dream (Digital Bonus Track)
8. Morocco (Digital Bonus Track)

Pre-order the EP HERE

Watch the video for ‘Teeth’ here


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ILLLS Announce debut EP on The Sounds Of Sweet Nothing