It’s All Indie premiere "Gingerman" by electro-punk trio MARCV5

It’s All Indie premiere "Gingerman" by electro-punk trio MARCV5


Release: 19th January 2018

Label: Introduce Records

Inspired by J.P. Donleavy’s controversial bestseller, Gingerman is pumped full of 80’s electro-punk vibes with an additional modern twist — the perfect representation of three-man band MARCV5. A hella catchy tune that wastes no time throwing you in at the deep end, Gingerman comes with a video which perfectly encapsulates the raw energy and celebration of life. Starring real people pulling real shapes, the tongue-in-cheek clip is a rollercoaster of emotions which cement the message behind it all — enjoy every moment like it’s your last damn day on earth. Read the full premiere feature now on It’s All Indie.




MARCV5 on “Gingerman”
J.P. Donleavy’s “The Ginger Man” was written far before the beat generation movement and we really thought we had to make a song about it as it’s a real masterpiece. For all of us, this is our favourite single from the album. The song came almost naturally to us. For the video, we just set up a camera in front of our actors, put the music on and let them spontaneously do their thing. Following our director, the casting was just perfect, disciplined and well organised. The 8 actors represent very well the diversity of Brussels.

MARCV5 (pronounced MARCUS) are Stephane Matten, and brothers Davy and Geert Standaert. They formed over ten years ago and achieved great success in their home country, Belgium, as well as in various European countries. Their first album “God Save The King” was released in 2008, followed by several singles such as “15 Feb.” (2011), “Weekendancer” (2012), and “Mystique” (2014). After recording their first album, MARCV5 went on the road playing throughout Europe. On more than one occasion, the band performed 3 gigs in less than 48 hours, traveling over 1500 kilometers by tour bus. They have shared the stage with artists such as Selah Sue, Chromeo, Aeroplane, Vive la fête, and Boys Noize. The band also hosted a radio show for 4 years on Belgian’s radio FM Brussels. With influences from the likes of Vitalic, James Holden, Leonard Cohen, Red Zebra, Camper Van Beethoven, and Cocteau Twins, MARCV5’s music is a fusion of post-punk, dance and electronic. You can expect fast BPM’s, noisy guitars and distorted voices. The trio focuses strongly on live performances as they purposely build up the atmosphere using heavy synths and thumping beats.

“We Can Do More”
“We Can Do More” is MARCV5’s second studio album. It was recorded largely during trips to Brighton, Düsseldorf and their hometown Brussels in the long drawn out days of winter. Capturing the lethargic mood at the time, every song on the album has its own story that intricately links together in some form or another. A hybrid of rock, electronica, and punk influences, “We Can Do More” is held together with an honest look at humanity and the new challenges each of us has to face in the future.

“Gingerman” is taken from the album “We Can Do More”, to be released March 23rd 2018 via Introduce Records.



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It’s All Indie premiere "Gingerman" by electro-punk trio MARCV5