INFADELS 2003 -2012 RIP

INFADELS 2003 -2012 RIP

The Infadels have announced the following

‘It’s with a heavy heart that we, The Infadels have decided to pull the shutters down on the happiest nine years of our lives. There has been no big fall out, no musical differences (well, no more than usual), we have simply reached the end of what has been an amazing journey that we all feel extremely privileged to have been a part of.

We would like to thank the people that worked with us, the people that stayed up partying with us but most of all, the people who came to the shows, enjoyed the music and jumped around like maniacs – you were as much a part of this band as we were.

We can’t stand goodbyes but *sniff* farewell!

Bnann, Matty, Wag, Al and Richie X’

Earlier this year the Infadels released their 3rd and final album ‘The Future Of Gravity Boy’ , which led the press to say

‘The Future Of The Gravity Boy deserves to bring the band to a bigger audience’Music OMH

‘A fine offering of upbeat and punchy electro – pop’ BBC online.

‘The new album is great. It’s a loud, noisey, in-your-face heady broth of indie and electro.’  Drowned in Sound

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INFADELS 2003 -2012 RIP