Infinity Crush Releases New Song "Feel My Body Move" to Benefit Latin American Legal Defense & Education Fund

Infinity Crush Releases New Song "Feel My Body Move" to Benefit Latin American Legal Defense & Education Fund

Infinity Crush Releases New Track “Feel My Body Move
to Benefit Latin American Legal Defense & Education Fund
Warmth Equation Out Now on Joy Void Recordings

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“She constructs symphonic orchestras in miniature — layered vocals, swelling strings, skittering beats, all coming together to create something that feels both majestic and insular.” –Stereogum
Warmth Equation is a beautiful, intimate and all-encompassing portrait of grief. Caroline White has the kind of voice that immediately shatters your heart into a thousand tiny pieces.” –Noisey
“A collection of songs that deal with working through grief, heartache, and loss, and finding the small moments of joy during the process.” –She Shreds


Infinity Crush has released a new track, “Feel My Body Move” today via Bandcamp for Pay What You Want donations, to be donated to the Latin American Legal Defense and Education Fund. The song was previously released only as a lathe cut 7″ limited to 50 copies with her new album Warmth Equation earlier this year.
Songwriter Caroline White said of the song, “Feel My Body Move was written shortly after the completion of Warmth Equation, so it feels like a close relative of the album, still fitting in with that world. It’s about the physical patterns we find ourselves in — driving in the same places, walking to the same house, sitting in the same rooms — that make up so much of what love is. The familiarity of the physical world becomes comforting.”


Listen to “Feel My Body Move”


Started as the bedroom pop project of Maryland’s Caroline White, Infinity Crush’s  Warmth Equation features contributions from Sam Ray (Teen Suicide, Ricky Eat Acid) as well as newly minted Infinity Crush member Derrick Brandon.
White wrote the majority Warmth Equation – the first Infinity Crush release for Joy Void Recordings – solo before bringing in Brandon for guitar and keys to compliment White’s melodies. On the record, they are also joined by Sam Ray (Teen Suicide, Ricky Eat Acid, Julia Brown) who contributed vocals and keyboards. Formed in Maryland, much of the band’s style is influenced in part by the abundant, yet desolate nature that constantly surrounds them.

Recorded between 2013 and 2015, the sudden passing of White’s father created a theme of its own, with White using the project as a means of honoring her father’s life. In comparison to her previous work, the writing process was long and arduous. However, the motive to create a product that would celebrate the life of her father helped White to persevere through the darkness, calling on others to help craft the finished product. She cites the motivation and enthusiasm of collaborators Ray and Brandon as pivotal to the creation of the record.

Warmth Equation is a collection of twelve short songs that work toward interpreting loss and grief through different lenses. The album takes a realistic, all-encompassing perspective of grief, a view that includes the expected feelings of overwhelming devastation, but also moments of happiness, love and sexuality. “There is an intersection of mourning and love that the album wants to deal with as it attempts to illustrate the complex nature of loss. [It] acts as documentation for this period of my life, which is defined not only by death and absence, but also the love and friendship and memories that helped me navigate through it,” White explains of the album.

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Infinity Crush Releases New Song "Feel My Body Move" to Benefit Latin American Legal Defense & Education Fund