Intergalactic Lovers – ‘River’ single out today on Unday Records

Intergalactic Lovers – ‘River’ single out today on Unday Records

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Intergalactic Lovers return with their third album ‘Exhale’ this September 2017 and today release emotive single ‘River’.
‘Exhale’ is a collection of sky-wide alt-rock songs with melodic pull that echoes the best of PJ Harvey or Cat Power. Elemental singer/songwriter Lara Chedraoui is the emotional center of the band. Hailing from Belgium, they are one of the biggest bands in that country having achieved Gold Status and being awarded ‘Best Breakthrough Band’ at their Music Industry Awards. Now signed to a strong independent they are taking their music international with success at home that equates to someone like Wolf Alice or Honey Blood in the UK. Their new record was produced by the world renowned Gill Norton, the legendary studio man behind amazing albums for The Pixies and Echo & The Bunnymen.
Their forthcoming album ‘Exhale’ is a response to watching their nearest and dearest burn out in many ways. Even the name expresses their exasperation of a time when the chaos of life caused pain to those the love. Lead singer Lara Chedraoui explains the frustration of not knowing how to help.
“This album is an angry reaction to the constant battle of how conformity can ruin peoples state of mind. Perfection is not everything. Exhale is about not knowing how to save everyone; loved ones and those effected by all the horrible things happening in the world.”
The fragility of the album echoes over thunderous guitar riffs keeping the classic band set up together for a modern take on epic rock and roll. Chedraoui’s voice delves from delicate to seductive through out the album. Leading with single ‘Between The Lines’ other strong single contenders include ‘Ego Wars’ a rousing depiction of a faltering relationship and ‘Fears’ an anthem that sounds tailor made for arenas.
First album ‘Greetings and Salutations’ received critical acclaim across Europe leading to a signing at Warner Music and to their second album release “Little Heavy Burdens”.
The album was mastered by Ted Jensen who’s notably worked on Norah Jones ‘Come Away With Me’ and Green Day’s American Idiot two musical pillars of the early naughties.
Inhale, press play and ‘Exhale’.

“Poised, artful rock music with a biting vocal” – Clash
“Intimate adventurous rock music”- Elle

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Intergalactic Lovers – ‘River’ single out today on Unday Records