Interism stream’World On Fire’ Single

Interism stream’World On Fire’ Single

INTERISM Release ‘World On Fire’ Single


Watching the throws of life and the complexities of the 21st century, Interism was inspired to create provocative tunes that would resonate with their audience. Growing up in Queensland, this three-piece band immersed themselves in a time where screaming guitars, thought-provoking music and a big chunk of punk rock thrived.

Going from backyard legends to finally opening the shed doors and releasing the haze, Interism is ready to share a small snippet of 15 years of stink, a track with a killer guitar hook.

Their upcoming single World on Fire was born from witnessing the unrelenting greed and self-indulgence of the modern human race and our complete disregard for the resultant slow extermination of the natural world. The song is from the perspective of Mother Earth/Nature, exacerbating the sentiment, we have been given the world and we destroy it in the name of progress, greed, and self-absorption.

Singer-songwriter Duncan Alcorn, drummer Ross Feeney, and Bass guitarist Aaron Lamb take inspiration from 90’s rock with a twist of pop. Strumming together for the past 15 years Interism began drawing inspiration from artists such as Sublime, Rancid, Dinosaur Jr and Pearl Jam.

Interism have always been big supporters of local community events and organisations. It is through the dabbling of sharing their original tunes through live events and social media they began to gain attention, in particular for their upcoming single World on Fire.

For Fans Of: Dinosaur Jnr | Sublime | Pearl Jam

‘World on Fire’ will be in Digital Stores on the 9th of March.


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Interism stream’World On Fire’ Single