Interview Magazine reveals Baby Alpaca’s steamy video "Roller Coaster" chapter one. Released on Atlas Chair

Interview Magazine reveals Baby Alpaca’s steamy video "Roller Coaster" chapter one. Released on Atlas Chair

Interview Magazine Reveals Baby Alpaca’s Steamy “Roller Coaster” Chapter One HERE

Available digitally via Atlas Chair HERE

“Psychedelic and surreal, every music video adds a second level of creativity that boosts their credit for well-rounded, artistic aptitude.”Interview Magazine

“The beat is straight up “High and Dry” by Radiohead, but with its lithe guitar lines and Kittrell’s Sade-esque, fulsome melodies, “Roller Coaster” is a million miles from awkward mid-90s alt-rock. This is starkly sensual R&B.”Noisey
“Baby Alpaca has you dancing under the sheets…” – Disco Naïvete

Baby Alpaca – “Roller Coaster” (Official Video) from Baby Alpaca on Vimeo.

Baby Alpaca’s “Roller Coaster” is the first chapter of a sexnoir story in three parts, directed by Aaron Maurer and Baby Alpaca’s McMillan. Interview Magazine premiered chapter one of three HERE. “Roller Coaster” is released via the JD Samson (MEN / Le Tigre) co-founded label Atlas Chair. Baby Alpaca has been on the rise since releasing their debut EP last year. The duo Chris Kittrell and Zach McMillan have teamed up with producer Filip Nikolic from Poolside / Turbotito & Ima Robot to record their first studio album in Los Angeles.

“You know the feeling you get after amazing sex? All dizzy, weak in the knees, about to pass out. It reminds me of being at a theme park. Carnival games, swing chairs, wooden roller coasters. High on cotton candy and Icees. One turn behind getting onto the ride and screaming hands in the air until it’s over.” explains Chris Kittrell to Noisey.

And about their upcoming music: “We’re really looking forward to releasing our first album, and collaborating with Filip Nikolic (Poolside/Turbotito) makes such great energy in the studio. Finding chemistry in a musical relationship is rare. But once you are on the ride, you are in it.”

Praise for Baby Alpaca:
“Sea of Dreams,” an ethereal torch song that showcases Mr. Kittrell’s haunting KD-Lang-esque vocals, exploded on the Web.” The New York Times
“…tracks float high in space far beyond the day-to-day mundane. Similarly, Kittrell—whose wide, curious eyes and blond curls vaguely recall the band’s ungulate namesake—truly inhabits the world of his songs.”Vogue
“My dreams are never like Chris Kittrell’s “Sea Of Dreams,” but I wish they were. Watching this animation will be as close as I get”.NPR’s Bob Boilen
“Like Kittrell’s more noticeable looks- the loud jacket, the hair- his haunting, baritone grabs you, and without insistence, doesn’t let you go.”ELLE
“Baby Alpaca’s latest single, is classic in its portrayal of romantic yearning. Kittrell groans through the vocals like a young Morrissey, as waves of sound convulse in the background.”Interview Magazine
“…Sea of Dreams, which channels The Smiths with it’s dreamy, light dada-rock production – think soft, romantic rock that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside. The debut EP ranges from playful to emotional, but always leaves you impressed. “Disco Naïvete
Baby Alpaca on iTunes

Debut self-titled EP HERE

Strictly Sexual Remix EP (private link) HERE

Vimeo staff pick “Wild Child” video HERE

“Sea of Dreams” NPR video HERE

“Sea of Dreams” (Turbotito Remix) Nowness video HERE

“Sea of Dreams” (live in Palm Springs) Vogue video HERE

New York Times feature HERE

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Interview Magazine reveals Baby Alpaca’s steamy video "Roller Coaster" chapter one. Released on Atlas Chair