Introducing: Exhibitionist – The newest addition to TEEF Recordings

Introducing: Exhibitionist – The newest addition to TEEF Recordings

Welcome Exhibitionist to the TEEF family.

Stream debut single ‘Hands’

Premiered via Noisey this morning
“If you’re a visual person, Exhibitionist—aka Kirsty Tickle—will have you at her cover art for debut single “Hands.” If you’re an aural person, she’ll have you fifteen seconds into your first play.”

Out tomorrow (31/03) on all digital platforms

Last week, I went on the internet. It wasn’t my first time, it won’t be my last, but it was the first time I’d heard from an artist called Exhibitionist. The song ‘Hands’ turned up in my work inbox. I get a lot of songs in that inbox so I wasn’t necessarily hopeful but the familiarity of the name Kirsty Tickle made me investigate further. I hit play and immediately I knew I wanted to release this song through TEEF. A song with live drums that still felt somehow electronic. A song with strong vocals that still felt vulnerable.  A song with a strong melody but an obvious attention to production nuances (them horns, that synth).
We began talking and pretty quickly it started to feel like TEEF would be a great fit for recordings like these, with both pop sensibilities and sharp edges. So that’s what you’re about to hear, ‘Hands’, the first song ever released by Exhibitionist. It knocked me on my ass straight away and I suspect it’ll do the same for you.
A multi-instrumentalist, Tickle is also one half of noise act Party Dozen, which sees her perform behind an incendiary wall of sound. Exhibitionist is the antidote.
‘Hands’ is laid bare, radiating vulnerability and a cold elegance not found in Party Dozen’s fiery aural affront. Woodwinds feint subtly between rolling drums, while vocals float above hazy synths.
Raised in Toowoomba QLD, Tickle started performing in Brisbane as a member of Little Scout. Her versatility as a singer and multi-instrumentalist has seen her grace stages locally and abroad as a touring member for The John Steel singers, Henry Wagons and Parades.

‘Hands’ was produced by Tickle and Jonathan Boulet in Marrickville, Sydney and is out now through TEEF Recordings.

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Introducing: Exhibitionist – The newest addition to TEEF Recordings