Introducing > GreenTea Peng > watch "Moonchild" video here

Introducing > GreenTea Peng > watch "Moonchild" video here


GreenTea Peng



It’s 2018 and cue GreenTea Peng.

She’s here to speak to a New Age. As inspired by Lauryn Hill as UK funky, the London born artist finds peace in nature and admires artists like Finley Quaye.

Growing up in Bermondsey off the Old Kent Road until she was 12, her family then moved to Hastings (“It was a big culture shock. I went from being the whitest to the blackest”). The “Moonchild” video is an introduction to her world; “I’m searching for it myself you know. I’m going through a stage where I’m exploring my vulnerable side, which I’ve never done before. I hate this ‘no feelings’ movement. I think the world and our generation needs less of it. Vibration is all that is real. So I guess if there was gonna be a message in my music it would be LOVE AND POSITIVITY and just honesty in general you know.”

An important part in her development as an artist was moving to Mexico a few years ago. “I hadn’t sang in years, it really did change my whole personality, It’s like I undid a hench knot. There was so much pain and anger built up inside me that I’d just been blocking out with drugs. I didn’t just find my singing voice, I found my actual voice and a sense of purpose for the first time.”

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Introducing > GreenTea Peng > watch "Moonchild" video here