Introducing Kidepo > hear ‘One’ > on Good Years

Introducing Kidepo > hear ‘One’ > on Good Years

Introducing Kidepo

hear One’

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Good Years are proud to announce their new signing Kidepo, AKA musician Jonah Mutono.


Today he shares the video for the debut track ‘One’, strikingly filmed in the Kidepo Valley national park in Northeast Uganda
Of the video Jonah says; ‘I was working with a medical charity in Karamoja, Uganda (by Kidepo Valley National Park). I have ancestors from there, and look strikingly like the people of that tribe, but couldn’t communicate with them. A friend of mine had just told me about “hiraeth” a Welsh world meaning “homesickness for a home you can’t return to”, and the lyrics struck me as we were riding back home. I recorded this at 6AM the next day, and this project was born. This song is about longing for roots, so for the video, I chose to plant myself in the one place I love the most.”
The project draws from influences as disparate as Michael Jackson, the Congolese style of Soukous, TLC and Sufjan Stevens’ spectral songwriting approach.

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Introducing Kidepo > hear ‘One’ > on Good Years