Invisible Boy share lead track All The Kids

Invisible Boy share lead track All The Kids

For the last 10 years Invisible Boy has been the moniker for Chris Bierden (Polica, bassist). The self titled debut album is coming out on Totally Gross National Product on the 6th January.

The lead track is a lush, lovely ’70s style ballad that seems to float just out of reach. Imagine if Connan Mockasin got to make a record with Wings or John Lennon.

Invisible Boy

Listen to the lead track All The Kids

Debut album out 6th January on Totally Gross National Product


Invisible Boy is a project fronted by Chris Bierden, bassist for Polica and vital contributor to many Minneapolis-based projects. Bierden has been preforming solo shows under the moniker Invisible Boy for the last 10 years. The name is taken from the title of a song by Vampire Hands, a beloved psych/punk band in which Bierden was a founding member. This is the first Invisible Boy effort at arranging the material into fully formed songs.
Bierden has spent the last five years touring the world as the bass player and back-up vocalist for Poliça. He recorded bass and vocals on the last two Har Mar Superstar records, and developed other projects of note such as Heavy Deeds, Pony Trash, and Bones & Beeker.
When making this album, Chris applied the expert fort-building skills of his youth. A makeshift vocal booth was assembled out of three large orange floral couch cushions, two standing vertical upon chairs and one resting over top to create a pillowy square frame with sheets and blankets draped across the back. It stood only 4 feet tall, forcing Bierden to kneel while he cooed into an old East German microphone. Though not entirely structurally sound, it provided adequate insulation to absorb the reflections of his voice that would have otherwise bounced off of the low ceiling and walls of the basement in which he recorded.
Invisible Boy is about life, death, and a child’s relationship to the cosmos. The music is meant to find empathy in a world that is often cold and indifferent.


All the Kids
Cadkin’s Song
Star Child
Boat of Gold
So Long Living
You Could Be Anything At All
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Invisible Boy share lead track All The Kids