ionnalee Releases Single with COMME des GARÇONS

ionnalee Releases Single with COMME des GARÇONS

ionnalee Releases Single in Collaboration with COMME des GARÇONS

On March 10th Swedish artist ionnalee (from iamamiwhoami) is releasing her new solo single, ‘SAMARITAN’, in collaboration with COMME des GARÇONS. The trailer for the audiovisual collab just dropped on YouTube.

You may know ionnalee as the creator of the Swedish electronic music and audiovisual project iamamiwhoami, who’s releases have attracted over 40 millions viewer’s from all over the world. Their Youtube-channel is filled with their engaging and artistic creations.

With 8 years having passed since her last solo album, it’s time for ionnalee to take the solo stage again. Her new single “SAMARITAN” will be released March 10th on her own label To whom it may concern. and Kobalt music. The single comes with a visual collaboration by the creators of avant garde fashion brand COMME des GARÇONS.

Buffeted by imposing, almost marching-band beats but sweetened by Lee’s upfront vocals, SAMARITAN tackles culture’s fascination with idolising and worshipping female artists. “There’s an underlying strive for female artists to live up to a real unhealthy ideal and I think it’s my responsibility to do what I can to change that.”



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ionnalee Releases Single with COMME des GARÇONS