Jack White Cuts World’s Fastest Record

Jack White Cuts World’s Fastest Record

Former White Stripe man records, presses live ‘Lazaretto’ single in under four hours.

Still miffed at The White Stripes’ removal from Guinness World Records 2009 following the challenge of their title for “the shortest music concert ever,” Jack White announced earlier this month that he would be attempting to set yet another world record, this time for the fastest studio-to-store record of all time.

Record Store Day was the appointed hour for a live recording of ‘Lazaretto’, the title track from White’s forthcoming solo LP. So on Saturday morning White began the record attempt at his own Third Man Studios in Nashville. Accompanied by a band featuring Fats Kaplin and Daru Jones, White tore through “Lazaretto” and a cover of Elvis Presley’s “Power of My Love,” both of which were cut directly to acetate and immediately rushed to United Records Pressing, where the records would be pressed and outfitted with sleeves featuring photos from the event.

According to Jack White, White ended up performing an hour-long set after informing the crowd that “originally, we were just gonna do this record and go back to sleep.”

The Swiss accordion trio Vollgas Kompanie held the previous Guinness World Record for the fastest album release, according to Rolling Stone, releasing a live album one day after recording it. White breezed past that record, hand delivering the first batch of 45s from United Records Pressing 3 hours, 55 minutes and 21 seconds after beginning the recording.

Jack White’s new LP, Lazaretto, is due out June 10th via Third Man Records. It probably took longer than four hours to record and press.

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Jack White Cuts World’s Fastest Record