Jackson James Smith – ‘Midnight Romance’ Single

Jackson James Smith – ‘Midnight Romance’ Single


Releases ‘Midnight Romance’ Single


Jackson James Smith is the honesty of an intimate conversation, stripped of assumption and musically personified. Midnight Romance is the second single off Jackson’s soon to be released Spence EP.

There is a certain appeal that comes with honest song writing. Iconic musicians from previous generations created timeless songs with their honesty, creativity and emotionality. Jackson James Smith embodies this in Midnight Romance. Blues movements and melodic nuances, pop vocal hooks and soul instrumentation coagulate into a balance for his musical interest and thoughtfulness towards listeners of multiple distinct tastes.

A song that has been a work in progress over the last four years, Midnight Romance is the culmination of experimentation with songwriting and Jackson’s own personal growth within that time, which have lent themselves to the final work. It is about and for no one and everyone, written not for one person, but for a feeling, for the listener and for the intimacy of connection between artist and them.

The song was recorded with Jared Adlam (Tori Forsythe, Aleyce Simmonds, Athena Joy) whom Jackson met at university and worked closely with in the year leading up to the release at his purpose built home studio. It was mastered by Paul Blakey (Amy Shark, Busby Marou).

The multi-faceted instrumentation and earnestness of Jackson’s lyrics have caused a stir in audiences who have witnessed the in,mate shows Jackson has played – only increasing his desire to reach out to listeners through song.  Jackson is releasing his EP Spence in 2018.

For Fans Of: Allen Stone | The Teskey Brothers

‘Midnight Romance’ is available now in digital stores.




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Jackson James Smith – ‘Midnight Romance’ Single