Jay Pray x Inukshuk Remix Unleashed by Earbuddy + Self-Titled Debut LP Out Now

Jay Pray x Inukshuk Remix Unleashed by Earbuddy + Self-Titled Debut LP Out Now

Jay Pray

“I’d Go Anywhere (Do Anything) (Inukshuk Remix)”

Unleashed by Earbuddy!


Self-Titled Debut LP Out Now + Streaming In Full!
“Shimmery synth pop magic” Earmilk
” …so much fun it’s easy to lose sight of the subject matter and just get carried away by the fun of the beat and the exuberance of the arrangement.” Bullett
” …a perfect mix of indie pop, coupled with a catchy bridge and slick guitar solo. What more could one want?”
Indie Shuffle
” …takes you to another place and leaves you wanting more.” Medium
Surging with melodies and instrumentals that marry to create a perfectly dreamy whole, it’s exactly the sort of unabashedly positive (or at least positive sounding) material that many of us crave during the winter doldrums.The Wild Honey Pie
“The sensations of wanderlust are displayed with the most exquisite array of synths & arrangements that keep the mind wondering while wandering through the lengths & depths of the unknown.”Impose
“combines electro­pop, lush synths and textures are complemented by guitar riffs and a driving, groove­centric rhythm section.” Northern Transmissions
With accolades from Earmilk, Medium, Indie Shuffle and many more, Jay Pray aka Justin Romanos has released his debut solo full-length effort earlier this month. The album is an honest, personal window into his world. Gripping album single “I’d Go Anywhere (Do Anything)” has found a massive audience online and continues to grow with more than 50K streams to date. London, Canada’s Inukshuk put his unique touch on the track to create the I’d Go Anywhere (Do Anything) (Inukshuk Remix)which premiered with Earbuddy. We encourage you to post and share!
Inukshuk reflects, “I was a huge fan of Jay Pray’s original take on “I’d Go Anywhere”, his voice captured that classic indie sound and he laid down a really solid hook for the chorus which was the initial draw for me. When I began working on the remix, everything came together in a really organic way. I didn’t go in with any intention other than to help augment the components that were already there, which I think played a bit part in the way my rendition developed.”


Photo credit: Ryan Jay
Romanos learned how to make music growing up in rural Connecticut, both by playing and by recording in his own makeshift home studio. During college at Drexel University’s Music Industry Program, he found a home with like­minded peers, and gained the nickname, “J Pré.” He honed his craft by continuously writing, and spent much of his time in the close ­knit Philadelphia basement community, where he fronted the indie rock band SHMNS. After graduating college in 2014, he moved back to Woodbury, CT to regroup, refocus, and reinvent himself as a musician. He spent the last two years writing and recording songs for this album as well as many, many others that may never see the light of day.
The award-winning heartbreaking short-film for Jay Pray album cut “Smile” won “Best Music Video” at Silver Sound Showdown Festival, “Best Cinematography” + “Best Editing” at Freedom Shorts XVI Festival and was accepted to Pasadena International Film Festival.

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Jay Pray x Inukshuk Remix Unleashed by Earbuddy + Self-Titled Debut LP Out Now