Jeff the Brotherhood: heavy pop garage Nashville!

Jeff the Brotherhood: heavy pop garage Nashville!


Wasted On The Dream

Dine Alone Rec / Caroline

Released June 24, 2015

The recipe for Jeff the Brotherhood is now proven for over ten years and it is simple: riffs, riffs, riffs and yet, such is the unspoken contract that goes with the group’s auditor.

Wasted on the dream, the first album of Jake and Jamin Orrall brothers (ex Be Your Own Pet) since 2012, takes in every respect this formula for a stoner rock outcome than disown any specialized radio 90s.

Filmed KEXP Live Session featuring 4 songs

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Yet if we compare Wasted on the dream with previous project Jeff the Brotherhood, one quickly finds that the riffs became more imposing, slower now enveloping the entire spectrum of the sound of the group. To the accompaniment of flutes synths but Ian Anderson-esque on the stirring “Black Cherry Pie” (“Jeffro Tull?”), The offer of the securities Orrall brothers cut for FM, especially through titles like “Coat Check Girl “or” Prairie Song, “where Jeff the Brotherhood is easily approaching Weezer,” Mystified Minds “and” What’s a Creep, “relying on the other to a thunderous drums.

We can say a lot of Jeff the Brotherhood, but their sound speaks for them: they do not change because they do not need to do so. The Orrall brothers found THE formula – one that raises his hands to heaven.

Video Black Cherry Pie:


01. Journey into Dreams
02. Black Cherry Pie
03. Cosmic Mink
04. Mystified Minds
05. Melting Place
06. In My Dreams
07. In My Mouth
08. Karaoke, TN
09. Coat Check Girl
10. What’s a Creep
11. Prai

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Jeff the Brotherhood: heavy pop garage Nashville!