Jericco ‘Machine Made The Animal’ Album Out Now

Jericco ‘Machine Made The Animal’ Album Out Now


**** 1/2 – SF MEDIA / **** – TONE DEAF / ****  ROLLING STONE

Cult Melbourne act Jericco are excited to announce the release of their new album Machine Made The Animal.

The band’s rapidly expanding fan base has been fiercely anticipating Jericco’s return since their 2013 record,Beautiful In Danger. So much so, that they raised a massive $10,500 on the band’s Pozible campaign to go towards funding their next venture.
Machine Made The Animal hits us with their signature driving bass lines with melodic vocals, with each song carrying its own yet belonging entirely within the album. The powerhouse Melbourne rock act experiment with synths, dancing drums, and their ever-present chorus hooks and sliding bass.

Stylistically, Jericco stands out from similar acts of its genre with great pride and power. The prominent Middle Eastern influence throughout the band’s thundering live performances is completely authentic, and resonates at the core of their fan bedrock.

Watch the title-track video

“Jericco’s notable passionate application remains a constant, simply re-funneled here through varying delivery mechanisms as the album naturally unfolds”
(Jonny Nail – Rolling Stone Magazine)
“Slick rock n roll, Great chorus & little bit of Tool vibe… I am ok with that! ROCKKKK..”
(Rosie Beaton – Triple J)
“Machine Made The Animal, Is an ultra catchy beast of a record, an athemic juggernaut that gets you slamming your fist to the sky and singing your heart out”
(Rod Whitfiled – SF Media)
“Catch their live shows before they explode on the scene and the tickets become a sought after commodity.”
(Jose Eduardo – The Dwarf)

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Jericco ‘Machine Made The Animal’ Album Out Now