Jesus and His Judgemental Father + Pale Kids + Roxy @ Pop Recs Ltd, Sunderland

Jesus and His Judgemental Father + Pale Kids + Roxy @ Pop Recs Ltd, Sunderland

Dotted puddles led the way, after a lunchtime recommendation to return to Pop Recs Ltd a few hours later to see Jesus and his judgemental Father in Sunderland made complete with strong support mainly from Durham’s Pale Kids and Roxy sporting an electric guitar to good effect, borrowed from Pale Kids’ guitarist Andy.

After some quirky entertaining mixes, Liz Phair fills the rooms as direct from Brighton, via an overnight bus, is the must see Roxy, exhibiting songwriting sensibilities from the outset, the former Bristolian Roxy Brenan is now firmly relocated to the south coast. Tonight she warms  charms and beguiles, as I suspect she does on regular occasions. Songs like  ‘So Much Water’ nd ‘Coach Trip’ sound more vivid stropped with heavier guitar sound, solo Roxy  leaves a strong impression as a uncommon talented song-righter, not as she shares her bed with laptop and cat, such is the way of the modern musician camped in the green capital.

Next another notable north east four-piece in the form of Pale Kids, in support of new ‘Holy Mess’ four track 7” EP out this weekend for Record Store Day perhaps. The band are tight, effective blend alternative indie I guess, but with stronger attitude and passion especially these days, songs like ‘Payer List’, ‘Consent’ and ‘Dead’ all get a eager nod in an above the average set from a good band.

Taking of which, Jesus and His Judgemental Father showcased some new material re-enforced by album ‘Kings and Queens’ set from 2012, so they sounded comfortable accomplished, even imagined they’re eager to release new material with their 2nd full length album ‘It Might Get Better’ just preverbal round the corner new styles interweave with crowd approved favourites. Even a wanna be idiot like me knows ‘What Now’, ‘Noise’ and the former album title track, but tonight there’s a fresh live feel added gravitas, even opening with brand new track from the Leeds based band, as they hold attention throughout song after song, the two front-women plugged in guitar coupling, their extra impact is in crowd response is noticeable as Danny and Danger do their thing with flair. ‘Kings and Queens’ still sounds good as ever even as a deluxe-sized live anthem, but in an ever-involving creative set there is lots of highlights, but it will be a busy year ahead for Jesus and His Judgemental Father here in Sunderland, they shone in a quality night. Not much of a fan of country but the Yorkshire 4-piece make it survivable.

Fairly blown away by two bands and a singer-songwriter a great nigh of music at Stockton Road. 8.8/10

Steve Janes

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Jesus and His Judgemental Father + Pale Kids + Roxy @ Pop Recs Ltd, Sunderland