Jim Ghedi: Phoenix Works vid, MAY UK tour and summer shows

Jim Ghedi: Phoenix Works vid, MAY UK tour and summer shows

Jim Ghedi’s latest album ‘A Hymn For Ancient Land’ is a mix of folk guitar pickings and sweeping orchestral soundtrack like scores. It evokes the feeling of wandering the landscapes of the Dales and Peaks where he is from and takes a look into the communities he’s inspired by, as perfectly captured in his new video ‘Phoenix Works’….

Jim Ghedi new video for ‘Phoenix Works’

MAY UK Headline Tour and Summer Festivals including Green Man, Port Eliot, Moseley Folk & Great Exhibition of the North
June dates with Julie Byrne and Richard Dawson

‘A Hymn For Ancient Land’ out now on Basin Rock

“Melodically sublime… although Ghedi’s music is infused with tradition, it’s very much experiencing the present” **** MOJO


Born in Sheffield before moving around various parts of Derbyshire, Shropshire and Scotland and then settling in Moss Valley – an abandoned and forgotten area on the edgelands of South Yorkshire and North East Derbyshire – it makes perfect sense that 26 year old Jim Ghedi’s music feels both fluidly transient yet also deeply rooted to a sense of place.
Nature permeates through his second album ‘A Hymn For Ancient Land’ (released to much praise late January 2018 on Basin Rock – also home to Nadia Reid and Julie Byrne) from start to finish, gliding through its core like a bubbling brook. The subtle use of the instruments (guitar, double bass, violin, cello, harp, trumpet, piano) and beauty of the arrangements create something almost tangible – like a light dew on the tip ends of grass or the sticky moisture of well trampled soil.

“I wanted to bring in wider instrumentation to somehow resemble the landscapes which musically I could hear in my head, It was at this point I became fixated on connecting the two worlds of classical and contemporary folk” Ghedi says of the album’s birthing period.

His new video for ‘Phoenix Works’ (made with Scott Hurkins) is a prime example of his joining the old with the new. The lyrics from the song are take from the sole verse from a 19th century poem by Joseph Rippon, one of the Scythe workers at the Phoenix Works in the Moss Valley. Glimpses of history weave themselves throughout the video with fragments of background locality, as well as footage of a local group performing in several pubs in the village of Ridgeway from the 1970’s. However it is the modern day which holds the focus point, the current landscapes and venturing into a blacksmith’s forge which nestles itself hidden but very much still the beating heart of this communities togetherness and productivity in 2018.

Banks of Mulroy Bay

MAY Tour:

MAY 4 Leicester, The Guildhall (w/ Toby Hay)
MAY 5 Rhayader, The Lost Arc, Wales (w/ Toby Hay)
MAY 6 Machynlleth Comedy Festival, Wales
MAY 9 The Glad Cafe, Glasgow, Scotland
MAY 10 The Scottish Arts Club. Edinburgh, Scotland
MAY 11 Braemar Gallery, Ballater, Scotland
MAY 12 St Marys Space, Fasnacloich, Scotland
MAY 13 The Old Mill Gallery, Castle Douglas, Scotland
MAY 15 Lee Rosy’s Tea, Nottingham
MAY 16 Sheffield, Abbeydale Picture House Social (BBC Radio 3 Late Junction Live)
MAY 17 Manchester, The Castle Hotel (w/ dbh)
MAY 18 London, Campfire Club (The Nest Collective)
MAY 19 Bristol, Friendly Records
MAY 20 Totnes, Drift Records

Summer shows;

JUN 9 Brighton, St Georges Church (w/ Brigid Mae Power, Julie Byrne)
JUN 15 Sheffield, Abbeydale Picture House Theatre (w/ Richard Dawson)
JUN 16 Halifax, Minster (w/ Richard Dawson)
JUN 23 SAT Cloudspotting Festival, Gisburn
JUL 1 Great Exhibition of the North, Gateshead
JUL 20 Cardiff, St John’s Church (w/ Toby Hay)
JUL 22 Folk Forest Festival, Sheffield
JUL 29 Port Eliot Festival, St. Germans
AUG 17 Green Man Festival, Brecon, Wales
SEP 2 Moseley Folk Festival, Birmingham

headline show SEP 27 London, St Pancras Old Church (w/ Gwenifer Raymond)

Tickets: http://www.jimghedi.com/live/
Purchase album: https://jimghedi.bandcamp.com/


Recent praise for Jimmy boy:

“Melodically sublime… although Ghedi’s music is infused with tradition, it’s very much experiencing the present” **** MOJO
“a raga-like texture of tingling drones and jaunty picking that recalls both John Fahey and the Penguin Cafe” **** The Independent
“There’s respect here, but no folkloric nostalgia…..a delightful hybrid strain” Uncut
“a small masterpiece” Folk Radio UK
“a brilliant finger-picker and songwriter…shining a welcome light into an underrated genre” **** Q
“A Hymn for Ancient Land really only sound like itself.” 8/ 10 The Line Of Best Fit
“This is landscape music, a close relative of landscape art.” FT

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Jim Ghedi: Phoenix Works vid, MAY UK tour and summer shows