Jim Wellman ‘- Dawn to Dusk’

Jim Wellman ‘- Dawn to Dusk’

Milking into the perspective of world events that regard in particular the western support of fascism in Ukraine, and together with the ensuing propaganda that came from the mainstream media, Jim Wellman had put together a new Jazz/Funk/Disco concept album that he called Dawn To Dusk.  By autumn of 2014, the ex-founding member to Brand New Heavies had no intention to work in music again.  Yet the world’s current events and image profiling from the mass media inspired him to produce a concept album that is heavy with social commentary and awareness.

The album is full of dissent.  Though it is soulful and has a lot funk, it has a go-getting catchy beat that talks about aristocracy and technologies that fuses together to make a collective that is captivatingly about the human psychological evolution.  The core of the work is mainly about how humanity lives in a world of amazing technological development, yet is still encumbered by medieval forms of government that implement policies that basically serves the best interests of the elite.  With a censored Internet, mass communication is greatly inhibited, and Wellman asks in his dominating interest’s album for a consensus to close in on the complexities of this economical issue, and toward a future where information is allowed to flow more freely.

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“Probably Good” is about current events and about how somehow corrections getting dumped on the Internet.  “Premature Truth” follows a news-worthy diatribe about Internet censorships and the stolen liberties that follow.  Conceiving a future that builds on the pros of producing and then deregulating it, are among the some of the topics that gets announced in a two-part news report that gets featured in two separate durations of the song.  Workings of keyboard, electric guitars, and drums beating in the background compels the subjects of overgrown wealth, business, and a competitive community.

In “Night of the Meme”, we get a gripping and jazzy joyful euphoric, honeyed sound that evaluates the mal-adjustments of the propagator.  It has a clinging sound of planes unseen, but it asks a lot of good logical questions.  With doo-wop overtures, there is a lot arresting about this song that holds our interests.  It speaks about “unsettling skies” and “when someone hears on the news something that he refuses”.

Overall, the highly political lyrics offers us an insight into how opinions they weight and gives us an oftentimes light-hearted spread in order to create a more laughable space.  Some of the songs here are cheery, upbeat and catchy, which deservedly gives this album a, 7.7/10.
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Jim Wellman ‘- Dawn to Dusk’