Josh Taerk – album May 5th

Josh Taerk – album May 5th

‘Josh’ Special Edition UK album release May 5th on Misty Creek Records

‘The most exciting new talent I have come across in years.’ Max Weinberg

“His songs are reflective, often poignant love tales developed with memorable melodies that hook the listener in.” Maverick

Josh Taerk releases a special UK edition of his debut eponymous album ‘Josh’ on May 5th. The album is a collection of ten melodic pop-rock tracks with a retro edge and an additional four acoustic bonus tracks. The songs are about real life stories, facing up to reality and staying optimistic – they channel Josh’s motto, ‘Life is about the journey not the outcome’. Three years in the making, this album represents his journey in the music industry so far and his own personal stories as he has grown from adolescence to the young man he is today.


‘Smell The Roses’ is one of the first songs Josh wrote when he was still at school, “Everyone around me seemed competitive, stressed and hectically existing through life, this song is about appreciating what you have and taking time to see the bigger picture”. A more recent addition to his collection, ‘I’ll Live For You’ is based on the idea that dying for someone is the easy way out, and living for the one you love makes you stronger. Josh’s lyrics explore a voice of maturity along with moments of retrospective. Josh also pen’s love songs, tracks like ‘Casie’, ‘My Angel’ and ‘Virgina’ show his honesty as a song writer and the willingness to wear his heart on his sleeve.

Coffee House Session


Channelling his inspirations from classic songwriters such as Bruce Springsteen and Adam Duritz, Josh’s sound resonates with the classic rock he admires and he squeezes the energy of a live band into his recordings. This special edition release also features four new acoustic tracks, giving Josh the opportunity to re-imagine his songs in a different way and share a new experience with his listeners. Inspired by Neil Young’s acoustic recordings, he wanted to bring the raw and organic edge to some of his favourite tracks, “How the song is performed creates meaning,” explains Josh. “It’s cool to sit down and connect with the song in a spontaneous way – it can re-write the track”.


Josh was recently involved with The Coffee House Sessions curated by Radio 1’s Huw Stephens, performing at university campuses up and down Britain in an intense two week tour. “I believe in putting in the hours. The more shows I’ve played the more I’ve learnt as a musician and as a songwriter and the tours, and the reaction the songs had, have definitely influenced my writing and how my album sounds.” Josh enjoyed performing acoustically in intimate venues and he thrived on the freedom of performing in a stripped back way, packing as much energy into each solo show as he does when with a live band.


Josh and his own brand of melodic rock have attracted the support of fellow musicians including Max Weinberg of Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band (who invited Josh on stage with him), John Oates (who booked him to play the Aspen Songwriters Festival) and Terry Brown (who produced his album). “When someone who has inspired you says good things about your own music and wants to be involved in what you are doing it is pretty mindblowing. I’m fortunate to have had such great support and it motivates me to be even better.”

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Josh Taerk – album May 5th