Katey Morley shares Good Little Girls

Katey Morley shares Good Little Girls

“My music follows few rules, weaving together singable yet unexpected melodies, and effortlessly fusing my lifelong loves of country, folk, jazz and pop music. The forthcoming EP is a collection of songs that swell from deep sources. I’m a storyteller, and my words invite the listener to see as well as hear.

Would be great if you’d check out and consider sharing my new single entitled ‘Good Little Girls’ (Soundcloud).

“’Good Little Girls’ is the second single from Katey Morley’s forthcoming EP Then. The song showcases the timelessness of Morley’s songwriting, transcending the roots genre by adding in elements of jazz and pop. Sweeping arrangements brings an anthemic and uplifting sensitivity to the song, while every piano hit relays an intense, emotive rawness that carries the song forward into a climactic final crescendo. “Good Little Girls” is a coming of age anthem for young women who don’t want to conform to outdated, antiquated gender stereotypes. It’s a song about not choosing the easy path, and about wanting more and being more than what’s expected of you.” – Spill Magazine

My upcoming release ‘Then’ was produced by Scott Currie (Gypsy Sol, Emily Haines) and Tom McKay (Joydrop, Sate, Nightcrawlers), and features the talents of some of Canada’s finest musicians: Maury LaFoy (Jann Arden, Barenaked Ladies), Dafydd Hughes (Feist, Jacksoul), Duncan Coutts (Our Lady Peace), Paul Mathew (Matt Barber, Hidden Cameras), Joshua Van Tassel (Doug Paisley, Amelia Curran), Jody Brummell (Shanks, Bella Clava), Louis Simao (Nelly Furtado, Mary Margaret O’Hara) Kevin Neal (Ron Hawkins, The Do Good Assassins) and many more.

Be well, thanks for listening! “

Katey Morley


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Katey Morley shares Good Little Girls