Kathleen Hanna Stars In Short Film ‘Myrna The Monster’ Debuting At Sundance + Exclusive Clip Out Today!

Kathleen Hanna Stars In Short Film ‘Myrna The Monster’ Debuting At Sundance + Exclusive Clip Out Today!

Myrna The Monster Short Film By Ian Samuels + Produced By MTV Other,

Premiering at 2015 Sundance Film Festival

Kathleen Hanna Stars As “Myrna”

+ Original Score By BOYS of YACHT
Exclusive “Laundry” Film Clip Revealed w/ Pitchfork Today!

Photo Credit: Elizabeth Kitchens
A short film by director and screenwriter Ian Samuels with loving production by MTV Other, Myrna The Monster has been accepted to debut at the 2015 Sundance Film Festival. Selected as one of 60 films out of the whopping 8,161 submissions, the film stars legendary Riot Grrrl pioneer Kathleen Hanna (Bikini Kill, Le Tigre, The Julie Ruin) as the voice of Myrna, a heartbroken alien dreamer from the moon who transitions into young adult life in Los Angeles just like any other 20-something. In merely 14:20 minutes, the film manages to touch sweetly upon inherently human issues through the eyes of a Martian: friendships, matters of the heart, the eternal questions of “Is there anyone out there like me?” and “Why am I here?” and of course, the theme of a girl finding herself on the dance floor, with sweet dance moves to a soundtrack composed by BOYS (Jona Bechtolt, Rob Kieswetter, Jeffrey Brodsky) of YACHT (DFA Records).

A brand new exclusive clip from Myrna The Monster premiered with Pitchfork today and is available below to view.

The cinematically stunning film is a true story in many ways, offering a glimpse into the screenwriter’s dystopian observations when moving to Los Angeles. Ian Samuels explains, “I was walking downtown a couple years ago thinking; if you actually dropped a real live alien from the moon on the street somewhere, probably no one would notice. Maybe she’s originally from someplace else, or had some work done, or is homeless, or just rolled out of bed at noon, or maybe it’s Hollywood. She’s just over there, going through the dumpster by Starbucks.”

The eloquent social commentary of Myrna The Monster is perfectly suited to follow notable Institute alumni who started their own careers with short films, including Wes Anderson, Spike Jonze, Trey Parker and Matt Stone. For the moral of the film to hit home, Samuels succeeded in hitting the right chord alongside Kathleen Hanna’s emotive voice. Hanna’s feminist punk background sits perfectly with the film’s portrayal of the universal desire to find meaning in life & identity, asking the question “Should I stay? Or should I go?” Meanwhile, the contemplative and otherworldly sounds of BOYS of YACHT fit the tone and are essential for the film’s playful and profound atmosphere.

Watch the trailer

Along with Samuels, Hanna and BOYS of YACHT, Myrna came to life with the help of NONETHELESS Productions, producers Brendan Kennedy, David Harris, Giulia Caruso and Ki Jin Kim and MTV Other. Started in 2013, MTV Other works to creating first-rate “digital first” video content. Working with new and established content creators, MTV Other produces short form series of varying genres and formats ranging from animation to docu-series to scripted comedy.

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Kathleen Hanna Stars In Short Film ‘Myrna The Monster’ Debuting At Sundance + Exclusive Clip Out Today!