Katie Buchanan Shares New Single "Floating" Via She Shreds and Announces LP

Katie Buchanan Shares New Single "Floating" Via She Shreds and Announces LP





LISTEN & SHARE: Katie Buchanan – “Floating”

“Though Buchanan has extensive knowledge of and experience with gear and studio technology, that reliance on personal style and manual technique vs. technical fixes remains a cornerstone of her approach to music”
She Shreds
“She is a diligent professional, a skilled songwriter, and a direct artist—not to mention an expert guitarist.”
Guitar World


NYC-based, guitar-driven singer and songwriter, Katie Buchanan, shares “Floating” – the first single from her new LP – today via She Shreds. She is gearing up to release her sophomore album, Who We Are When We’re Standing, on June 9, 2017. The record is written and produced by Buchanan, mixed by Doug Schadt (Maggie Rogers, Wet, Emmy the Great) and mastered by Heba Kadry (Neon Indian, The Sea and Cake, The Mars Volta, Trust).


The indie pop troubadour “deserves a prime spot on your daily playlist,” praises City Of Tenants, and they aren’t alone in their admiration. No Depression says, “it’s these under the radar artists like Katie Buchanan that renew my belief that in the right hands rock is not dead.” Buchanan’s music is guitar-driven pop with Americana roots and a slight electro spin. Honing her production skills while studying at NYU’s Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music and combining them with those homegrown roots, her music is “presented on a plate of spicy true blues tradition with just the right garnish of folk, roots, country and yes – a little electronica,” No Depression continues, “The Americana will follow and it will embellish it beautifully.”

The Kansas-native grew up surrounded by music, having been born into a long line of musicians. With childhood memories of learning the blues around a campfire, you could say that songwriting is in Buchanan’s blood and comes almost as a second nature.

2014’s EP Go received praise from Surf Rock Music (“you will never get tired of hearing it”) and Guitar World (“power vocal delivery conjures up an entrancing and magical experience.”) In 2015, Buchanan released her debut album, GLOW, which earned her comparisons to Bonnie Raitt and Fiona Apple from The Revue. Elmore Magazine draws comparison to “a lost peak-Tears For Fears track” in regards to the album’s stunning track “Gold.” GLOW’s shimmering lead single “Honey, Don’t” was premiered by The Vinyl District, who say they found themselves “in the arms of a wide-open pop song equipped with a stuttering electronic beat and moody chorus.” No Depression says the single “has the power to draw a listener into a vacuum of colorful melody.”

Fans of Katie Buchanan’s ability to seamlessly combine her signature blues-rock style with modern production techniques will not be disappointed by her forthcoming effort, Who We Are When We’re Standing. Her unique style of music also shines through in her live performances.

While listeners are being swept up in the album’s guitar driven pop anthems with that signature electro spin, they can find a message at the core: to stand still and stand tall.


Who We Are When We’re Standing – TRACKLISTING

01. Oh Lord
02. Floating
03. Stand With Me
04. Doubt In My Mind
05. The Song About You
06. Time Is Not A Plan
07. I Can Be
08. What Breaks A Heart
09. Beginnings and Ends



*Local NYC Dates TBA


Photo Cred: Lexi Lambro

Katie Buchanan is an indie-pop singer/songwriter and producer. She plays guitar loudly, drinks whiskey slowly, and writes songs that beg for a second listen. Her sophomore album, Who We Are When We’re Standing, will be released June 9, 2017.

Katie Buchanan grew up in a big enough suburb of a big enough city in Kansas. No farm, no cows, only the occasional tornado. Born into a long line of musicians, she learned the blues by the campfire and wrote her first song on her piano-tuner grandfather’s out of tune piano. Her family tree is full of St. Louis radio stars, southern railroad workers, and 1970s concert addicts. Her Baby’s First Mozart was Led Zeppelin IV.

In 2007, Buchanan moved to New York City to study at NYU’s Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music. There, her Americana roots ran head-on into modern production methods. Her first two EPs, 2013’s Another Beat and 2014’s Go, merged home spun samples, anthemic choruses, and quiet reflections. In 2015, her debut album, GLOW, introduced slow-burner pop textures and synth-based melodies, while keeping a sharp focus on her bluesy guitar work and double take lyrics (think Alabama Shakes meets Hannah Georgas).

Who We Are When We’re Standing, follows in this tradition of combination. Exuberant lead singles “Floating” and “Oh Lord” anchor upbeat, guitar driven pop with dirty polyrhythms and grounded vocals. Lyrically centered tracks like “Stand with Me” and “The Song About You” begin with intimate vocal focus and end with soaring, cathartic choruses.

The title, pulled from “Stand with Me,” reflects the album’s core theme: standing still and standing tall. It echoes through the war metaphors of “Doubt In My Mind” to the existential declarations on “I Can Be.” The record ends with the aptly named “Beginnings and Ends,” which grapples with the trap of hindsight, ultimately declaring it better to want what’s left than dwell on what’s lost.

As the sole writer, performer, and producer of her work, Buchanan is a strong new voice in the ongoing call for increased female authorship at all levels of music. In addition to her own releases, she produces albums for other women, creating spaces for young female artists to learn the language of the studio and to develop the tools needed to navigate the music industry.

Buchanan’s work has won kind words and Dorothy puns from a number of outlets, including The Village Voice, Guitar World, and American Songwriter. In their review of GLOW, No Depression said, “It’s these under the radar artists like Katie Buchanan that renew my belief that in the right hands, rock is not dead so long as it’s presented on a plate of spicy true blues tradition with a little electronica.”

“Floating,” the first single from Who We Are When We’re Standing, is out now.

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Katie Buchanan Shares New Single "Floating" Via She Shreds and Announces LP