Kill Screen Premieres Interactive Music Video Game by Swedish band The Amplifetes for "Where Is The Light"

Kill Screen Premieres Interactive Music Video Game by Swedish band The Amplifetes for "Where Is The Light"

Log in, Play on, Trip out. Highest Score Wins a Trip to The Arctic Circle, link and teaser video below


"Fresh off the heels of our Soundplay project with Pitchfork, Swedish four-piece The Amplifetes take their own swing as music game excellance. To promote their upcoming album, they’ve created a the Guitar Hero-like interactive music video Where is the Light.  Let me know if you beat 811. "  Kill Screen Magazine

    "Created in the depth of a nordic
    forest, recorded with a strict dogma
    of analog machinery, and filtered
    through a mixing console once owned by
    Pink Floyd. The Amplifetes second
    album is about to be released.
    We can see clearly now.
    Where is the light?"

Kill Screen premiered the fun and challenging game the The Amplifetes created for their single "Where Is The Light"  (this website launches interactive music video game) and the band made a teaser video available for the video game HERE. From the beginning of its inception, Swedish 4 piece band The Amplifetes have never been afraid to push boundaries and try new things. Their forthcoming album, Where Is The Light, harnesses the power of the digital world and introduces interaction and gamification into the conventionally passively consumed music video by created a music video game, set to one of the songs from the new album, which immerses the player into The Amplifetes world. There will also be an iPhone app (to be released shortly).
    Go to to embark on a light-chasing trip through hostile space levels. Those who have collected the highest number of light beams by the end of 2012 will win a trip to The Northern Lights in The Arctic Circle (prize info: The winner (from any country in the world) will get: Flight tickets + accommodation + visit to Kiruna Space Center + transfers. The winner will be announced before the end of this year of 2012.) Players also have the option to share the game and their score with their friends on social media channels including Twitter and Facebook, where their status is updated every time they log in to play.

More info on how the game works:
    Players have to click on the arrow keys on their keyboard as light beams fly towards them in order to collect light beams and gain points. The player can share the game by clicking on "Broadcast With Love" and entering a secret message that will be revealed to friends who click on the link that will be posted on Facebook or Twitter, or sent via e-mail. The secret message will be gradually revealed as players collect more light beams. If the player plays to the end, they will get a free download of the single "Where Is The Light." Players can also check out their friends’ scores.

Where is The Light Website
The Amplifetes Website
The Amplifetes on YouTube

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Kill Screen Premieres Interactive Music Video Game by Swedish band The Amplifetes for "Where Is The Light"