Kind of Like Spitting stream hooky, 90’s indie-rock influenced "Stress Cadet"

Kind of Like Spitting stream hooky, 90’s indie-rock influenced "Stress Cadet"

Please do give this new Kind Of Like Spitting track a listen if you like 90’s style indie-rock (early Weezer, Archers Of Loaf, Pavement, Sebadoh etc.). It’s great, just you wait.

After the warm reaction to KOLS’s comeback track (their first in a decade) with “Bullied By A Bee” (premiered by VICE), the next single from their split with Warren Franklin & The Founding Fathers, “Stress Cadet”, has now premiered with Q Magazine here
On February 2nd, Topshelf Records will release a split from Kind of Like Spitting and Warren Franklin & The Founding Fathers, titled ‘It’s Always Nice To See You’.

Indie cult favorites Kind of Like Spitting formed in 1996 in Portland, Oregon. The band, led by singer-songwriter Ben Barnett, regularly toured in the US and released twelve albums in seven years. They broke-up in 2006 but Barnett re-formed the band earlier this year. The current lineup consists of Barnett, (guitar/vocals), Brian Grant (bass) and Dante Johnson (drums).
Their first track in nearly a decade, the hard-hitting “Bullied By A Bee”, premiered with VICE a few days back, take a listen at the link above. Any reposts would be much appreciated.


On the other half of the release – Rockford, IL indie pop/emo stalwarts Warren Franklin & The Founding Fathers’ most recent effort was a split with Mikey Erg (ex-The Ergs) earlier this fall on Count Your Lucky Stars. The band will release their next LP soon.

Information on pre-orders for ‘It’s Always Nice To See You’ will be announced shortly.

Track Listing

A: Kind of Like Spitting

Parasite Song (part 1)

Bullied By A Bee

Stress Cadet

No Planning Is Bad Planning

Audience of Two

Parasite Song (Part 2)

(What’s So Funny Bout) Peace Love and Understanding

B: Warren Franklin & The Founding Fathers

You’re Settling


Lonely Enough

Rest Your Head

Can’t Be Subtle

Understanding Poetry

Kind of Like Spitting

Warren Franklin and the Founding Fathers

Topshelf Records

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Kind of Like Spitting stream hooky, 90’s indie-rock influenced "Stress Cadet"