Kiran Leonard announces debut headline shows and new single

Kiran Leonard announces debut headline shows and new single

“’Geraldo’s Farm’ offers skittering lo-fi electro weirdness with more going on than bigger bands manage over an entire album” MOJO ****

Kiran Leonard has announced his debut headline shows in London and Manchester. Backed by a new band comprised of members of Plank!, Nasdaq and LoneLady, Kiran will play The Castle, Manchester, on 5th April and The Waiting Room, London, on 11th April.

‘Geraldo’s Farm’ will also be released on a single on 24th March via Hand Of Glory. It’s taken from the debut double album Bowler Hat Soup, released in November 2013 to much acclaim from the likes of NME, Pitchfork and The Guardian. It was also featured by BBC Radio 6 Music as an Album Of The Day. #

Kiran Leonard’s April shows follow appearances at BBC Radio 6 Music’s inaugural festival on 1st March, as well as Gullivers, Manchester, as part of the Carefully Planned All-Dayer festival, on 15th March. Full dates as follows…

01 March – Victoria Warehouse, Salford (BBC Radio 6 Music Festival)
15 March – Gullivers, Manchester (Carefully Planned All-Dayer Festival)
05 April – The Castle, Manchester tickets
11 April – The Waiting Room, London tickets

Listen to ‘Geralddo’s Farm’ single

Geraldo is a thickly veiled Honduran Uncle Bernie. It is the 13th track on the album BOWLER HAT SOUP, bringing to a close a pseudo-grandiose collection of pieces, which we can (posthumously) refer to as “the Sisyphean Everything”, beginning at the 8th track, encompassing around 13 minutes, and covering the Big Little Themes for Discussion; education, solvents, life imitating theatre imitating the circus, interpersonal cynicism, coincidences, water, extra-dimensional life-forms, airport duty free area floor tiles, hatred of ontology, love, war. “Gustavo’s Farce” is the culmination of an intermittent crescendo, intermittent in that the THEMATIC crescendo is sometimes hardly noticeable in amongst the cymbals and the 15/8 and all that Rick Wakeman/Billy Meier bullshit. It begins with teenage self-destruction and arrives at a dystopian conflict in the near future, and in a haystack on the outskirts of Tegucigalpa. It’s all adolescent dramatics to an aging sod like myself but unfortunately sometimes it’s just that the theatre gets bigger.

On Bowler Hat Soup “Gesualdo’s Fatigue” is 5 and a half minutes long. The single edit is 4 and a half minutes long. A little bit of self-restraint and re-editing never hurt anyone; it’s what kept Wagner out of the big money. There are 11 lines of text in the song (the ‘Mantra on Settee Combatants’), compacted into one verse that is sung at the beginning of the song and at the end of the song. The thematic crescendo is evident but the lyrics are merely concerned with this conflict; there are no references to playgrounds or front rooms or rocket ships. “Horatio’s Arm” is the sound of swelling plywood or the feeling that the noise is closer than when you thought it was further away than they continually say it is, or the bare expanded ribcage of a young boy, a feral balloon, an inverted cupboard of frying pans, or SOMETHING being the sound of EVERYTHING, I think. It’s just really loud and incessant, OK? Isn’t that what is asked of me?? Electronic stabs and a guitar solo to boot? A thunderstorm, in a tube! Ugly low grumbles and drummery! Shall I refer to my upbringing in Düsseldorf?

I STAUNCHLY SUPPORT all professional dart players, trainspotters, free improvising footballers, monarchs who abdicate voluntarily, Inuit pretty boys, residents of Folkestone, male women, female men, hardline agnostics, arachnologists, violists. Tell a war veteran how much going to school sucks and they would laugh in your face if they weren’t preoccupied with The Little Big Themes for Pontification. It’s the crux of the biscuit.
Kobe Lenda-Bryant, 8 Jan 2014

“Kiran Leonard makes manic, rippingly good music”Drowned in Sound
“It’s worth reminding yourself that the swarming deeps, lo-fi thumbprints and careworn erudition of Bowler Hat Soup would represent a career-best achievement for a preternatural craftsman of any age” – Record Collector
“there’s so much depth (before we even get to Leonard’s fascinating vocal yelps and stream-of-consciousness lyrics) and variety it’s verging on the unbelievable that it was written before he was even out of school” The Line Of Best Fit
“…without a doubt the most invigorating song I’ve heard all year”Pitchfork

“He’s 17 and supremely, eclectically gifted – meet the Manc mutha of invention”The Guardian
Album of The Day – BBC Radio 6 Music

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Kiran Leonard announces debut headline shows and new single