“…the Manchester mob definitively kick the pop out of the punk with this raw and abrasive track with a hefty dose of Fugazi lurking beneath the surface.” But don’t just take Kerrang Magazine’s word for it Dan Cater, he of BBC Radio said of the North West three-piece, “One of the best live bands in the UK right now”. So see them live and arguably you will never forget the experience.  I promised I would not mention that they are the estranged child of Shellac and Fugazi, if you think that’s hackneyed, you should have been at that party.


Kong are something special, as I hope we have established, see them live and the experience will not leave you easily, never has the word ‘more’ meant so much to so many that night, however I digress here, before you is Kong’s Top Ten Punk Albums, here goes…


The Bronx – ‘Bronx1’
“This is right up there with the best albums ever for me …I first saw them in New York city in around 2003 and I screamed like a girl throughout the whole show. My brother also plays drums for ’em


Ramones – ‘It’s Alive’
” This is a live album recorded in 1977 and to me it’s one of the most ferocious performances ever captured. It’s faster than their LP’s and sounds sexier! Lulu is in love with Dee Dee King,
I think he’s gunna drop a rap album one day!”


Velvet Underground – ‘White Light/White Heat’
“Eewww what a filthy record. The engineer was so disgusted by their sound that he just set the reels going and left the studio! I adore that record and yeah it is punk as fuck!”

Club Smith Top Ten Refused Cd cover

Refused – ‘The Shape Of Punk To Come’
“Was and still is the future! BUY IT!”

Club Smith Top 10 Jon Spenser Blues Worry CD Cover

The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion – ‘Now I Got Worry’
“If pushed, to tell you who my hero was – it would be Jon Spencer all the way. ‘Now I Got Worry’ was recorded in a couple of days and it just rips the needles of your turntable. There are hip hop tunes, delta blues, trash rock tunes but as one piece of music its pure punk rock.”


The Saints – ‘Know Your Product’
“I think this is a ‘best of’ compilation, but to be honest, most of their releases are amazing. They were and still are the only sexy music to come out of Australia!”


Fucked Up – ‘Year Of The Pig’
“Damian and I have a mutual love for wrestling and punk; and well… if the two are combined, then I basically orgasm. I worked a Fucked up/Bronx tour once – and I was spit roasted every night. ‘Year Of The Pig’ is a sex record.”


The Stooges – ‘The Stooges’
“This is 1969! My old fella is a proper old school punk and stooges are pretty much bible round the magpie’s nest!


Misfits – ‘Static Age’
”Danzig!!!!!!!!!!!! Horny music you really can fuck to this! Pop a bluey V a rattle a cage.”

Devo – ‘Are We Not Men We Are Devo’
“There is little sex in this band but their jitters turn me on and still give me the chubb! Devo were an art punk band, could string sentences together, combed their hair and probably had good parents at home, but their music was far from normal.”

We hope to bring you more news and the latest from Kong, in the near future.


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