Konshens is Back!

Konshens is Back!

Konshens is BACK!!  Says its Time for

“New Govahment”

New York, New York (January 28, 2016) After extensive touring and nonstop shows worldwide Dancehall superstar Konshens has now returned to Jamaica and is focused on rekindling the fire in the genre that brought him international success.

After a 2015 that saw him take major losses and also major wins the dj says he considers it all a part of growth and only has his eyes on progress.

“I mean nobody nuh perfect, people a people and we all get one life, try learn from the Ls’ and try repeat the Ws’ and tek likkle time fi celebrate and enjoy life too… Never focus on the talkers because dat a fi dem job jus do yours” says Konshens.

Though practically missing from the local scene for most of 2015 and his last major hit dates back to almost 3years ago, Konshens has remained in the hearts of his many fans in the dancehall arena, many have been expressing their concern and disappointment with his absence and lack of material.

“Its not really lack of material, mi still put out nuff work, but when you cant be physically here to promote and share the experience with the industry players its really difficult, right now mi hear seh di streets a seh “weh him deh” hahaha…. Mi deh yah man. Dancehall is a energy industry and people in deh sensitive, yuh cyaa have (1) one foot in an (1) one foot out. Well mi love dancehall and the fans gimmi everything so mi aggo jus show dem weh mi stand up. Still aggo tek on outaroad because out deh a mine to but a yasso di real love deh”. 


A high spirited and expressive Konshens also highlighted that locally he is a ‘Giant’ and thinks he has not done enough to own it, from having the most charity ventures, being one of the top 5 most awarded artistes locally, having done deals with DIGICEL, FLOW, LIME, PEPSI, MACKESON etc. and sold out events wherever his name is mentioned.


Wah day yah a website seh me a di most photographed celebrity in the Caribbean by fans… hahaha and people still seh me anti-social yuh see seh yuh cyaa please people haha”. 


The artiste said he is now all about releasing and PROMOTING new singles for his dancehall fans and though “turn up” produced by Jeremy Harding and Konshens’ production partner Markhize has racked up over 300,000 views in a month, its songs like “Hustle Hard” on seanizzles 90s Don Dada riddim and “MTBW” produced by Yaadstyle music and an unreleased unnamed track produced by Birch that he simply says is a gal bomb, that he will be focusing on.


“Nuff new works with Rvssian, Anjublaxx, Justus, Liquid, Chrome, DJ Nicco, Arif Cooper, Kurt Riley, Troyton EVERYBODY weh mi link wid and also mi finally do official work wid Stephen Mc Gregor him have few bomb too and a single by Touchpoint music name SALUTE weh a call fi put a stop to gun violence”.


Konshens has formed another label and movement called NEW GOVAHMENT( NewGovz). “The key right now is just fi settle down and space out the works and promote properly and enjoy dancehall an mek di fans enjoy demself, caaz a bare tracing an armshouse mi see a gwaan an people look like dem tired a it.  Me nah try move nobody or tek dem space but mi a frwrd fi my space wah mi lef but if a man a block up di way mi aggo jus move him haha.

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Konshens is Back!