KONTAKTE are a London-based Instrumental band signed to Drifting Falling Records. Still none the wiser? They have been described as thus, “Hypnotic, Textural, Cinematic Noise.” Check Out their Post Rock Ambient Top Ten Albums here…

Conceived in 2005 from a string of old 4-track demos and finally discovering the labyrinth of digital workstations and computer software, Kontakte became a realized concept in early 2006. The desire was to blend something more organic in terms of instrumental guitars within a more electronic and hypnotic framework of programmed beats and pulsing synths. Initially being inspired by the walls of sound from all things Godspeed You Black Emperor to Mogwai, Kontakte’s other main passions were the ambient sounds of Brian Eno, mid-late 70’s German electronica and the early 90’s ‘shoegaze’ scene.
Taking elements from all these things, Kontakte have endeavoured to create a sound that is uniquely and deservedly their own.
Having released two singles, a debut album (featuring remixes by Tim Holmes of Death In Vegas and Chris Olley of Six. By Seven, et al) and appearing on the most recent Northern Star compilation; kontakte have toured the UK, continuously playing intense live shows and receiving high praise both online and in the press – Their sound has been described as “Hypnotic, ethereal and beautiful. Kontakte expertly build the atmosphere of each track, often reaching a crescendo of massive, orchestral proportions – but with guitars!” by iTunes with Trakmarx lyrically waxing “This is deeply affecting, life-affirming magnificence. The kind of music that picks you up when you least expects it to, transporting you from ennui and doubt to evangelical rebirth: a state of grace!”Are suggestion is check out their MySpace page and have a listen.
“As with many musicians, Kontakte find the genre-defining motives of the press to be fairly constrictive and in some cases damaging to the public’s interpretation of music before they’ve even heard it. As much as we understand the need to categorize, genres can just as easily be ill-defining.
When asked to provide Sound Gravitas with a list of our top ten albums we soon realized that they weren’t genre-specific and didn’t fit easily into a niche sound, hence the many things that make up what Kontakte is as a whole.
We did however attempt to narrow it down, here goes.”
1. Brian Eno – ‘Ambient 1 Music For Airports’
“The perfect travel companion. Classic and timeless music that essentially does the most powerful trick of literally making you hang off of every note. Is it minimalist? Is it drone? We don’t know, but it is excellent.”
2. Godspeed You Black Emperor – ‘Yanqui U.X.O.’
“Perhaps not initially everyone’s obvious choice, but there’s a positive air over this record musically despite its bleak concept. Less politically intense on the surface than some of their previous albums but still contains some of the most dramatic and intense moments ever laid to tape. Supreme music.”
3. The Album Leaf – ‘In A Safe Place’
“Jimmy LaValle was really spoiling us with this one! The perfect soundtrack to, well, pretty much anything you might be doing at the time you’re listening to it. Our suggestion would be a cold night in with some good Scotch.”


4. Fennesz – ‘Endless Summer’
“Again, ambient, drone? Or just something else entirely? Endless Summer was the first Fennesz album we discovered. To describe it isn’t easy, so to steal someone else’s quote instead – “Imagine the electric guitar severed from cliché and all of its physical limitations, shaping a bold new musical language.”
5. 65daysofstatic – ‘One Time For All Time’
“So much energy, and just fantastic tunes. The Fall of Math got us excited about new music for the first time in a long time, perhaps for all time ! But this album (their second) just topped it. The first three tracks in particular are sublime. An amazing, untouchable, unstoppable band.”
6. Mono – ‘Hymn To The Immortal Wind’
“One band that literally raises the bar with each of their records. Lamely categorized by so many yet never fail to blow the opposition away every time. Huge music with huge emotion and intent. This album, alongside its conceptual story book, deserves far more praise. Classical orchestration and a distortion pedal never sounded so good.”
7. Halves – ‘Haunt Me When I’m Drowsy’
“A hidden gem. Quite simply an ambitious record. Beautiful, creeping melodies accompanied by subtle vocals… goose bump material. Expect another great record in 2010. Keep your eyes open for this lot.”
8. Mogwai – ‘Young Team’
“Young Team came out at a time when a lot of us were reeling for something much more than what the mid 90’s had to offer. For some, Mogwai were the key to taking your first tentative steps outside the mainstream and the door was well and truly opened. This album changed the way a lot of us thought about music for ever. When the hairs on the back of your neck still stand up when listening to Mogwai Fear Satan, you know this is something timeless.”
9. Explosions In The Sky – ‘The Earth Is Not A Cold Dead Place’
Brilliant! Despite what anyone wants to attach to it, what you have here is the sound of four men in a room with guitars and a drum kit making supremely intricate, intoxicating music, and enjoying every minute of it. It’s not overtly clever, overblown or egotistical at any point and doesn’t intend on overstaying its welcome. It simply leaves you with a smile on your face and a happy heart. A perfect album.”
10. David Bowie – ‘Low’ (Side 2)
“A perhaps curious choice to finish with but fits the mould with where we started. A more or less instrumental clutch of songs that drif

So anyway – our new album is released on March 14th 2011. Its called ‘We Move Through Negative Spaces’. We’re very happy with it. If you’d like to check it out further or have a preview listen then we recommend only two places in the whole wide world. Go www.kontakte.bandcamp.com or www.driftingfalling.com

A Limited Edition version complete with many extras including a DVD is currently available to pre-order from here : For details go to www.kontaktemusik.blogspot.com
For all release info’, contact, live dates and general shenanigans please visit these links: www.driftingfalling.com or www.myspace.com/kontakteuk
or www.kontaktemusik.blogspot.com

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