Kris Wu releases pair of hit videos "B.M. & "Deserve" ft Travis Scott!

Kris Wu releases pair of hit videos "B.M. & "Deserve" ft Travis Scott!

Kris Wu


“B.M” – Official Music Video below

The Asian popstar factory puts its superstars through the ringer. It’s perfected the Disney system of courting young talent with a lot of potential-often in their teens-and then guiding them to the peak of their careers in their early 20s. Fame and success that early can burn out even the most promising artists-remember Justin Bieber just a few years ago? It’s almost ridiculous that at just 23, the global star has already taken a “redemption tour” to atone for the perceived mistakes of his youth, even though he’s far from a full-fledged adult.

That’s the same paradigm Kris Wu has worked in for most of his life-not just because he’s also Canadian. At 27-years-old, he’s already an international star who’s earned countless awards and undying fandom across Asia. Now, he finds himself in the position of having to reinvent himself as an artist. Between 4 years of training and two years with extremely popular South Korean band EXO, Wu has kept a hectic schedule, flooding mainstream Asian entertainment.

Check out “B.M.”

With a flurry of hit singles, variety shows, and other featured appearances similar to any other pop-mega-star in the western world, life in the group was surely both physically and mentally tolling. Soon enough, Wu felt the need to step outside of his comfort zone, leaving EXO in 2014 to forge his own path, essentially pulling a Kyrie Irving before it was cool.

Jokes aside, basketball might have more of an impact on Kris Wu’s career than most might realize. As a young baller himself, Kris Wu was captured by the undeniable swagger of Allen Iverson. The basketball icon’s unapologetic attitude appealed to young Kris, and so he turned to the culture that inspired his idol: hip-hop.


Kris Wu ft Travis Scott “Deserve

Kris Wu has starred in multiple movies in China and Hollywood, modeling for such brands as Burberry and judging a popular Chinese reality show.

Now he’s casting for a complete crossover, working on a new English-language album set for next year. Collaborators include Houston rapper, Travis Scott. The two just released “Deserve,” a club-banging single which rose to No. 1 on the US iTunes Top Songs Chart within three hours of release in October. “I always wanted to be a youth influencer,” said Wu, 27. “Working with Travis, I felt like we had a similar vision …. We kind of clicked right away because of it.”

Check out “Deserve” ft Travis Scott

“Deserve” offers up sensual, harmonizing vocals and mellow raps from the pair to create trap-laden banger built to be played in clubs around the world. The new single is Wu’s first English-language single of the year, his second along with “Juice,” a tie-in song released as part of the xXx: Return of Xander Cage soundtrack. Upon its release, “Deserve” shot to No. 1 on the U.S. iTunes chart.

In an interview with Beats 1, Wu revealed that he and Scott actually recorded “Deserve” in studio together, despite usually being continents apart. “I’m based out still in China, in Beijing, but I try to fly out every time when I make music,” said Wu, after revealing the duo recorded the track in Los Angeles. “I think it’s so important that you want to be in the room with these people making music together, because that’s what it’s all about. Especially hip-hop music, because you have to be vibing.”

While bridging the gap between East meets West, Wu’s entry into the English speaking market has been wildly effective so far. He was the first Chinese artist to land at the top of the iTunes chart with “Deserve” and then hit No. 2 with his follow up track “B.M”.

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Kris Wu releases pair of hit videos "B.M. & "Deserve" ft Travis Scott!