L7 Hit Kickstarter Goal, 3 Days Left To Back Project, Original Line-Up Announce Summer Festivals

L7 Hit Kickstarter Goal, 3 Days Left To Back Project, Original Line-Up Announce Summer Festivals

L7: Pretend We’re Dead

Kickstarter Project Exceeds Goal!

3 Days Left To Contribute and Grab

Unique Rewards, Including Séance w/ Band

Original Line-Up Reunites For Tour!

Watch: Brazilian Electro-Rockers CSS

Talk L7 Influence, Voice Support
6/5-7: Vulkaneifel, Germany @ Rock am Ring FestivalTICKETS
6/5-7: Nuremberg, Germany @ Rock im Park FestivalTICKETS
6/19: Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain @ Azkena Rock FestivalTICKETS
6/20: Clisson, France @ Hell FestTICKETS
“I like their rebelliousness …it’s about being liberated and calling the shots… I definitely see a lot of us in them… and we’re proud of that.” Joey Ramone
“Songs like Wargasm, Diet Pill and Shitlist fulfill the ancient prophecy of a time when gurls would reinvent punk out of sheer delight in their own power” Robert Christgau
“Our fans couldn’t give a shit if we’re women… we did not set out to be an all girl band. It just happened that way.” – Donita Sparks

Photo Credit: Mary Scanlon
The infamously fierce, feminist pioneers of American grunge punk have officially funded their documentary film, directed by award-winning documentary filmmaker, Sarah Price (American Movie, The Yes Men, Summercamp) Titled L7: Pretend We’re Dead, the film takes viewers on an all access journey into the 1990’s grunge movement that took the world by storm through the eyes of the band that helped define it as the genre of a generation. Having reached their fundraising goal to bring the film to life, there are 3 days left to contribute and grab incredibly unique rewards, including a séance with the band (only 2 left!). Go to the Kickstarter project HERE to check out the wide array of perks, from signed vinyl to handwritten lyrics.

The reaction to the announcement of the documentary was far more electric than the band could have expected, catalyzing a widely anticipated reunion of the band in its original line-up, set to take on festivals across Europe with more dates to be announced. All along the Kickstarter journey, fans and supporters came to the table from around the world, across genres and gender. Recently, Brazilian electro-rockers CSS voiced their support and explained the weight the band held in their mind, recounting their discovery of the band as teenagers. You can see the clip of them chatting about L7 here!

CSS interviewed from robert fagan on Vimeo.

Culled from over 100 hours of vintage home movies taken by the band, never before seen performance footage, and candid interviews, L7: Pretend We’re Dead chronicles the early days of the band’s formation in 1985 to their height as the ‘queens of grunge’. The formula: one part Donita’s love of pop and punk and one part Suzi’s hard rock and blues, charged with lyrics that had political bite and humor that proved irresistible.

L7 will kick off a European tour, bringing their high-octane energy and anthemic chops to the stage to ignite audiences once again. Stay tuned for more live date announcements coming soon!

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L7 Hit Kickstarter Goal, 3 Days Left To Back Project, Original Line-Up Announce Summer Festivals