LA-based sludge-pop/desert-rock duo Dead Posey release debut EP, Freak Show, via Position Music

LA-based sludge-pop/desert-rock duo Dead Posey release debut EP, Freak Show, via Position Music



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RIYL: The Dead Weather, Elle King, Honeyblood, Dead Sara, Dorothy, Queens of the Stone Age
Dead Posey has previously been featured at The Deli Magazine,
Ghettoblaster, Glide, The Joy of Violent Movement & more.
*Downloads & review copies of Freak Show available upon request.


Dead Posey. [L-R] Danielle Souza, Kyle Foster. Photo by Harvy Moon.

“A stomping blast of swaggering vocals, power chords and one seriously infectious, howling hook that will spare no one.” – BMI, Indie Spotlight
“A blend of desert rock along with elements of soulful garage rock and dirt under the fingers grit that describe the rough and tumble side of the city beyond the bright lights.” – Purevolume
“The duo’s cryptic electricity is reminiscent of Queens of the Stone Age and The Kills.” – Glide Magazine
“Swaggering duo Dead Posey are revitalizing rock conventions” – The Deli (LA)
“A raucous, fuzz-loaded collection of back-to-basics rock ‘n’ roll.” – Ghettoblaster Magazine
“Anthemic, power chord-based rock that sonically owes a debt to The Black Keys, Dirty Ghosts and the glam rock sounds of T. Rex.” – Joy of Violent Movement

June 2,  2017
— LA-based sludge-pop/desert-rock duo Dead Posey have officially released their debut EP, Freak Show. Leading up to the release, the band shared singles “Don’t Stop the Devil” and “Freak Show” with Glide Magazine and Ghettoblaster Magazine, respectively. Freak Show is also streaming in it’s entirety at Purevolume who referred to the band’s sound as “A blend of desert rock with elements of soulful garage rock and dirt under the fingers grit.” Freak Show is out now via Position Music.
Befitting their handle, Dead Posey is fascinated by what lies beyond, their music exploring the nature of mortality through both waking life and dreams. Singer Danielle Souza’s inspired vocals blend seamlessly with guitarist Kyle Foster’s muddy, blown-out riffs in this vibrant, boot-stomping five-song collection.
The band spent most of 2016 working on Freak Show and credits producer/co-writer ALLIES (Tony Fagenson of Eve 6) with helping guide their vision and develop their sound. The EP was created almost entirely in the studio, starting from Souza and Foster’s bare-bones vocals-and-guitar demos. “We’d take our three-month old fetus of a song into the studio with Tony and then nurture and grow it into a snarling monster together,” Souza says. From the anthemic “Don’t Stop the Devil” to the soulful swamp rock of “Boogeyman,” Dead Posey will leave you eager to let your freak flag fly.
“Anything weird and abnormal, that’s what lights a fire in us,” Souza says. “Lyrically, I find myself thinking about the morbid truth that we will all die one day and descend into the unknown—so you might as well grab life by the balls.” While the macabre is a persistent thread throughout the band’s debut, the idea of human connection also weaves its way into each song, unfolding like a story told over a late night of hard drinking amongst close friends.
“I love when certain parts of your life end up having a soundtrack to them because of what was playing at the moment,” Foster says. “Creating art and sharing it with the world is an intimate thing—it helps people relate and make memories.”
The two halves of Dead Posey first met at a recording studio in Hollywood in 2013 during an album release party. “It wasn’t really my scene,” Souza says, “so I wandered off alone and found a kindred, outsider spirit in Kyle.” She noticed Foster while he was lighting a candle inside a miniature glass cottage and the two launched into a conversation about setting Tinker Bell’s house on fire. After discovering they shared similar musical influences, as Souza puts it, they “stumbled around in the weeds together” with various projects and bands, eventually leading to the birth of Dead Posey.
The new EP’s lead single “Don’t Stop the Devil” is a dark, ’90s-inspired grunge anthem about how temptation can sink its teeth into the best of us. The single is accompanied by a music video directed by Chris Berkenkamp (Dionysus Co Entertainment) that is at once dizzying, mystifying and deliciously creepy. The band will be bringing Freak Show to life at shows throughout 2017, chasing the darkness as deep as it will take them.

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LA-based sludge-pop/desert-rock duo Dead Posey release debut EP, Freak Show, via Position Music