The LaFontaines – Release The Hounds Video

The LaFontaines – Release The Hounds Video

Glasgow quartet The LaFontaines have premiered their new video for ‘Release the Hounds’ – it’s the first track to be taken from their second album, to be released next year.

On the video, frontman Kerr Okan said:

“The idea we wanted to convey was the greed of a few taking priority over the needs of the many. We take the role of modern day Robin Hood’s in the video, stealing from the elite and distributing to the people – in a way only The LaFontaines would.

“As much as the video has a poke at Trump himself, we are really using his face as a symbol; a signifier of a wider issue.  The change between the dancers faces and the Trump masks are there to symbolise people’s inability to see through the media and PR smoke screens, which distract them from the real issues.”


The LaFontaines Online:





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The LaFontaines – Release The Hounds Video