Lamb of God (Live Review, Newcastle o2 Academy, 14.01.2014)

Lamb of God (Live Review, Newcastle o2 Academy, 14.01.2014)

Before we start this review I have to say this was meant to be a double piece because as well as this review I was also supposed to be interviewing Blake from the opening act Huntress. Unfortunately due to issues regarding security I was unable to get backstage or even anywhere near Huntress to conduct an interview. Despite that lets have a review of a night filled with heavy metal titans.

First up are female fronted metallers Huntress who I had been listening to extensively hoping to discuss their music with the band but this wasn’t to be. Every band besides Lamb of God are already at a disadvantage as that’s what the people are here to say but I’ll give it up to any band who is willing to support such a respected band in the metal scene.

Huntress come on and bring as much as they can to the stage but are immediately swamped with bad sound, which seems to be the norm in this venue, but this doesn’t put the band off at all. This five piece bring their Californian metal to the gloomy north of England with style and panache.

Huntress are a refreshing change from the usual female fronted metal that falls down the style of either operatic or half arsed new metal. Songs such as “Fuck You To Death” stay stuck in your head no matter what and bring a crude cock sure swagger to what is some suave metal. (8/10)

After a quick change over it’s now down to Poland based death metallers Decapitated who have been round the block more times than enough and despite things putting them off course in their career Decapitated lets nothing get in there way. After a quick sound check where the guys play a verse of Walk by Pantera it’s now time for the guys to get under way.

Decapitated are straight up no thrills and are here to kick some arse and chew bubble gum and they happen to be all out of bubble gum. Riff upon riff, and growl after growl fill the hall and creates a wave of head banging that is infectious. 8.5/10

Next up it’s time for the main event, Lamb of God, all the way from Richmond Virginia USA who have came to have a fucking good time and a good time they have. From start to finish the set is filled with crowd pleasers from their entire back catalogue.

Songs such as Redneck and Omerta as well as Now You’ve Got Something To Die For go down a fucking storm and the crowd is filled with crowd surfers, circle pits, walls of death and head banging through out. Despite recent hiccups in Lamb Of God’s career they are here to show that they are still strong and won’t be stopped.

The only down fall is that the band seem to be on for too long, due to their musical styling some songs seem to blend into one but Lamb Of God are delivering exactly what their fans paid to see. (8.8/10)

Tonight the bands have came, they have played, they have made my ears bleed and all I can say is that I’ve had an excellent time. See you next time guys. Overall 8.8/10
Chris Storey

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Lamb of God (Live Review, Newcastle o2 Academy, 14.01.2014)