Landlady Featured In NPR’s All Songs Considered – New Tracks "Cadaver" & "Hurricane" – Album Out Jan 20

Landlady Featured In NPR’s All Songs Considered – New Tracks "Cadaver" & "Hurricane" – Album Out Jan 20

Landlady Featured In

NPR’s All Songs Considered

Release Tracks

“Cadaver” and “Hurricane”

The World Is A Loud Place Out January 20

February National Headlining Tour

“[Landlady] joins a lineage of New York City art-rock bands that transmute existential questions and primal fears into exultant songs, bands like Talking Heads, TV on the Radio and Dirty Projectors.”

– Jon Pareles, New York Times

Landlady, the Brooklyn five-piece led by Adam Schatz will release their new album The World Is A Loud Place on January 20th on Hometapes + Landladyland.

Yesterday the song “Electric Abdomen” was featured in

NPR’s All Songs Considered. Listen to it HERE.

Releasing tracks in pairs, the band also share the songs “Cadaver” and “Hurricane”.

See the animated gif cover art, stream the singles and pre-order HERE.

Adam Schatz says of the tracks:

“Cadaver can be traced to Cleveland Ohio. I was out there playing a show, as that is the #1 way to trick me into coming to Cleveland, and while there I got to catch up with an old friend who I had not seen in a handful of years. She was in med school, and since we had first met in Hebrew School, that notion was wild. Anyone you knew small being big is wild, I think. She told me about med school and one incredible fact stuck with me. Her class was sectioned off into small groups and each group studied a different preserved, dead body. But it wasn’t just one day of poking and prodding. Each group studied the same person for two full years. They kept returning to their assigned cadaver and would learn new things about the person’s life based on the clues they could find from pulling them apart. And my friend’s subject, the one her group studied, he was diferent than the rest. He had a tattoo on his butt. I was so floored by the idea of studying the same dead person over the course of two years, but also loved thinking about how every time they picked him apart they were aware of the butt tattoo. Whenever I tell this story I am asked about what the tattoo was, and every time I have to admit that I didn’t ask or can’t remember. So this song grew out of that man. And through it I hope you can decide what that tattoo could have been.”
“Hurricane is one of those traditional songs about wind power. How forces we know we can’t control can move mountains. How colonists came to continents on ships convinced they were moving in the right direction. How without them we wouldn’t quite be here exactly as we are. It’s tough or contradictory to be grateful for the kings of the misguided. But we didn’t grow out of peace. How can we actively drift towards anything close to a peaceful world. Or a peaceful town. Or sandbox. And how can we answer our own questions instead of walking into a wall? The song also features a genuine guitar solo courtesy of Will Graefe.

Other released songs include Nina” & “Solid Brass” as well as “Electric Abdomen” & “Driving in California” which Stereogum called “grand, sweeping, idiosyncratic, impressively arranged pieces of work.”

Featuring art and animations by comic artist Jesse Jacobs, for the album and each song, The World Is a Loud Place is the first in Bandcamp history with animated-gif cover art.

Led by Adam Schatz who has performed with the band Man Man and serves as co-producer of the NYC Winter Jazzfest, the band consists of core members Ian Chang, Ian McLellan Davis, Booker Stardrum and Will Graefe. Since their well received 2014 album, Upright Behavior, the band has worked with the likes of Sylvan Esso, Rubblebucket, Nels Cline and more.

Kicking things off with an album release party at House of Yes in Brooklyn on January 25th, the band will be heading out on a national headlining tour in February. Tour dates HERE.


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Landlady Featured In NPR’s All Songs Considered – New Tracks "Cadaver" & "Hurricane" – Album Out Jan 20