Layne Montgomery Paper Company Share "Teenage Feelings" Video Via Impose

Layne Montgomery Paper Company Share "Teenage Feelings" Video Via Impose



Photo Cred: Hana Haley

WATCH: Layne Montgomery Paper Company – “Teenage Feelings

“Sparkling indie-rock” – Impose
“These struggles are approached with an upbeat optimism, which musically speaking means ‘power pop.'”
– The Deli NYC
“Edgy New York City power-pop with clever, witty lyrics and seamless musicianship.” – Jersey Beat


Today, Brooklyn-based, indie rock band, Layne Montgomery Paper Company, share their new single and video, “Teenage Feelings.” Impose premiered the video, stating “The track is a whip-smart slice of power-pop with a riotous energy ready to rally you through those long, crisp autumn city nights.” This is the debut track from the newly named band, formally known as The Romantic Comedy, and prior to that, The Great American Novel. “Teenage Feelings” was recorded, mixed and mastered by Ayad Al Adhamy (Passion Pit, Team Spirit) at Diamond City Studios in New York City. The band will be playing a select number of NYC-area shows and festivals, including Mondo NYC and International Pop Overthrow.

“Teenage Feelings” is slated to be the first single off the group’s eventual album, which they also intend to produce with Adhamy at the renowned Diamond City Studios. Inspired by the cycle of depression around growing up, frontman and guitarist Layne Montgomery’s musings about his quest to find love are driven by anxiety-pop hooks and a relatable lyrical narrative, inspired by staples of Montgomery’s teenage years – Weezer and The Strokes. Montgomery is backed by longtime best friend Max Miller on lead guitar, Aidan Shepard on drums and Stove Shaw on bass. The “Teenage Feelings” video was produced by Jamie Frey (NO ICE) of Seen Yr Video and directed by Josef Von Weikkmnan.


09/29 – Alphaville – Brooklyn, NY
10/04 – Niagra (Mondo NYC Festival) – New York, NY
10/28 – The Gutter (Halloween Show Performing as Pavement) – Brooklyn, NY
11/12 – Bar Matchless (International Pop Overthrow) – Brooklyn, NY

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Layne Montgomery is always thinking about songs: what makes the good ones work, what makes the bad ones interesting, how to make his own ones better. He is constantly on a quest to write a perfect song (something like “Age of Consent” by New Order or “MMMbop.”) His best friend Max Miller has been with him for most of this journey: they’ve been playing in each other’s bands since the day they met, shyly trading Jet riffs (it was the mid-2000s) back and forth while Wayne’s World 2 played on mute. When Max went away for college, Layne started a band called the Great American Novel, where he eventually shepherded Aidan Shepard into playing drums with him. Equal parts heavy metal and Beatle, Aidan looks at songs in a unique way Layne’s years of study could never provide (Layne doesn’t listen to metal – he once heard a Metallica song and he couldn’t sleep for weeks.) The Great American Novel constantly was on the cusp of breaking through or breaking up, and the latter happened before the former. But – you know how Ringo kept playing drums with each Beatle after they break up? Layne felt the same way about Aidan and had to have him in the new band. After college Max moved back into the building he and Layne grew up in with a ton of great new songs that got Layne inspired and a little jealous, so he had to join the band too.
After two long years of fluctuating lineups and band names (Lame, The Romantic Comedy, The Who But Like Better Or Something), Stove Shaw completed the puzzle earlier this year. With a good mutual friend between them, Layne and Stove kept seeing each other on social media, then running into each other at hip shows in the city (Car Seat Headrest, Parquet Courts, etc) and going “hey, don’t I know you?” while awkwardly sipping cheap beer. Although their path to Rock has been winding and thorny, it was clear from the first time the four strapped on their instruments that this was the band. This is the Layne Montgomery Paper Company.

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Layne Montgomery Paper Company Share "Teenage Feelings" Video Via Impose